Libertarian Party Candidate for President Austin Petersen Joins Jason Hartman’s Podcast before National Debate on FOX Business

Libertarian Publisher and Activist Turned Presidential Candidate has Garnered Support from Rand Paul

The Creating Wealth show welcomed Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Austin Petersen to discuss his campaign politics and proposals to run the United States with host Jason Hartman. Petersen is fighting for the Libertarian Party’s nomination against technology and cybersecurity entrepreneur John McAfee and 2012 Libertarian nominee and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson.

Petersen is the founder of the Libertarian Republic publication and Executive Producer & CEO of Stonegait Pictures, which produces free market video content. He started his career as the former Associate Producer of Judge Napolitano's show Freedom Watch on the FOX Business Network.

One issue Petersen wants to stress is oil. Petersen is very surprised at the lack of attention being paid to low oil prices and the destruction of the energy industry. Petersen believes this is because most of the candidates have serious conflicts of interest.

“These Presidential candidates don’t want to talk about oil’s decline because Big Oil is financing their campaigns,” Petersen said. “It’s a big issue right now that isn’t going away anytime soon.”

If elected President, Petersen plans to open up the free market for money circulation by protecting the dollar through deregulation.

“A free market of money is the most beautiful aspect of Libertarianism,” Petersen said. “There’s no other country that can compete with the U.S. in terms of economic power and military strength. The desire to protect the dollar means legalizing competition against the dollar. Now would be a good time to experiment with federalism, where states receive more power and the banking system of the U.S. should be allowed to have competition against itself.”

Petersen criticized the benefits politicians receive for their service. He supports reforms for term limits to prevent politicians from doing too much unnecessary lawmaking so they can leave a legacy.

“Politicians pay no penalties for being wrong,” Petersen said. “This is an inherent problem in our democratic system.”

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