$LetsGoBrandonToken brings Decentralised Finance to the fingertips of its investors

$LetsGoBrandonToken is said to make the waves by doing what the administration cannot. It promises to help provide financial freedom to its people. LetsGoBrandonToken is finally live and available for purchase.

With the growing concern around inflation, people wonder if cryptocurrency can begin to fill the traditional role of an inflationary hedge in the portfolio, especially as oil stocks become morally untenable, real estate skyrockets, and gold stagnates.

With inflation at an all-time high and not seeming to slow down anytime soon, cryptocurrency is in higher demand than ever, even higher demand than the most POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER!

LetsGoBrandonToken looks to combat against the inflation put upon us by these admins policies & mandates by giving back not only to our HODLers but also to GIVE BACK to those who put their lives on the line during the COVID pandemic through our Charity.

$LetsGoBrandonToken is a secure crypto platform that brings the technology of decentralized Finance to the fingertips of its valuable investors. With a 12% tax on every transaction, $LGBT rewards its holders with a 7% dispersion to current holders, 3% back to Liquidity, and 2% to our dedicated charity wallet.

Recently a movement was made by LetsGoBrandonToken; The token is finally live and available for purchase. The Presale was sold out in less than 5 mins on launch day. It is available for purchase through PancakeSwap.

The tokenomics goes as 7% HODLer distribution will occur on every Buy, Sell, or Transfer. The longer holders hold, the MORE THEY EARN! Furthermore, 3% of each BUY/SELL will be bought back to add to the overall Liquidity. 2% of each BUY/SELL/TRANSFER will be distributed to our charity wallet.

The steps of purchasing the $LetsGoBrandonToken are made convenient HODlers. First, they need to set up their MetaMask wallet/Trust wallet. Then they must connect to Binance Smart Chain in their wallet. In step 3, users need to buy BNB token and send the BNB to their MetaMask wallet/Trust wallet. Proceed to the PancakeSwap link afterwords and paste the contract address. Finally, swap, confirm and wait until the transaction completes.

Charity will be determined and voted on by the Community. Moreover, $LetsGoBrandonToken will introduce Sports Betting that will be over/under on specific games.

About $LetsGoBrandonToken: It is a Community-Driven Charity Token created from the viral "Let's Go Brandon" chants heard worldwide. $LGBT is a Token FOR THE PEOPLE & BY THE PEOPLE. Determined people can visit here for more information.

Contact Info:
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Organization: $LetsGoBrandonToken
Website: https://letsgobrandontoken.com/

Release ID: 89053458