Legally She Can Introduces Legally Fluent Academy for Coaches and Course Creators to deal with their Business Legalities

Legal strategist and founder of Legally She Can, Vena Verga-Danemar opens the doors of Legally Fluent Academy for registration for onlinepreneurs, coaches, and course creators desiring compliance with their business legalities, without the overwhelm, confusion and high costs

Business legalities for small entrepreneurs are often challenging, overwhelming and costly. The tendency for most entrepreneurs is to depend on free resources and free templates, thinking that those can protect them and their business.

It is often too late when entrepreneurs realize that these free resources and templates exposes them to more risks, with problems arising due to the use of generic contracts, wrong business decisions or copying wrong policies. Consequently, these entrepreneurs are often left with no choice but to hire legal help. Unfortunately, hiring legal services when problems are already boiling is going to be more expensive compared to actually making sure that the business is running legally from the start.

Vena Verga-Danemar, the Onlinepreneur Legal Strategist behind Legally She Can, a platform that aims to help onlinepreneurs, coaches, and course creators to stay legally compliant and to ensure global protection for their businesses, opens the doors for the second run of Legally Fluent Academy.

This online course was launched for the second batch of serious entrepreneurs who want to gain knowledge and the how-to of legally running a successful business in a digital age.

“My students feel more empowered running their business after going through my program. They also feel more secure because they have the basic legal knowledge they need to navigate their business needs. For one, correct and proper contracts and policies and an understanding how they work helps entrepreneurs prevent legal disputes. And even if they will eventually need the services of a lawyer, they know exactly what to ask and they are not clueless. Knowledge – proper and correct knowledge, that is, gives one a position of power. After going through my course, they can run their businesses with peace of mind knowing that they are doing things legally,” said Vena Verga Danemar.

Legally Fluent Academy is designed to run for 90 days, with a possibility of extending to 180 days, with Vena Verga Danemar sharing her wealth of knowledge as a lawyer and as business owner with fellow entrepreneurs. The goal is to empower entrepreneurs on how to legally run and scale their business, ensuring global protection, without the overwhelming process and relatively high costs.

The course covers topics like building a legally compliant website, writing effective contracts that actually affords protection, filing your own trademarks, copyrights protection, and writing a proper takedown notice. Vena practically holds the hand of participants, providing a mix of guided videos and live calls as she mentors her students tackle their business legalities while helping them save on fees without adding to the confusion that comes with depending on Google research or free online templates.

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Learning Business legalities need not be a bore. Legally Fluent Podcast airs Episodes under 5 minutes on Business Legalities. Legally Fluent Podcast is available in Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast.

About Legally She Can
Legally She Can is a platform founded by Vena Verga Danemar, a lawyer from the Philippines who specializes in business law, to teach onlinepreneurs, coaches, and course creators how to legally run their businesses and ensure global protection. She is currently based in Switzerland and can be rightly described as a global citizen, having lived in both Asia and Europe. She completed her Juris Doctor degree in the Philippines, her first Masters in Law degree in the Netherlands and her second Masters in Law Degree in Switzerland. She worked in Geneva Switzerland before eventually settling in Zurich with her family and building her own business.

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