Legal Soft Solution Reveals New Additions To Their Team Of Lethal Legal Experts

Legal Soft Solution has recently released information regarding their newest team members. Known as the leading experts in law and automation. This company continues to thrive in their latest expansion efforts.

Legal Soft Solution is thrilled to announce two major additions to their team of lawful experts! Paul Wright, Esq. and Alexander Konetzki, Esq. are both experienced and licensed attorneys who have recently integrated with this distinguished law company as Director(s), Strategic Accounts. Legal Soft Solution is established as a pioneer in the field of law and is highly regarded for their success in merging automation, innovation, and technology to equip law firms with proven strategies to enhance their practice.

Paul Wright, Esq spent his first decade practicing law as a bankruptcy and restructuring attorney who worked closely with individuals and small businesses. Paul continued to grow in his career while simultaneously sharpening his strategic planning skills. He utilized his increased knowledge to deliver results for his clients and the rest was history. It was no surprise that the Legal Soft crew brought him on board as it seems this was a natural pairing for his current position. Mr. Wright discovered Legal Soft Solution through a start-up search engine as he wanted to transition to a sales forward role. 

When asked about his new opportunity, Paul exclaimed with delight, “It was completely serendipitous that it turned out to be a company serving the legal industry.”

Alexander Konetzki, Esq. is a lawyer and entrepreneur with professional expertise as diverse as his interests. In his legal profession, he’s been a trial lawyer representing plaintiffs in complex personal injury cases. Alexander is established as a legal counselor to corporations, social enterprises, and 501(c)(3) organizations as well as individuals and their families in estate planning matters.

Mr. Konetzki shared his experience meeting Chief Executive Officer of Legal Soft Solution, Hamid Kohan: “I was introduced to Hamid by Sam Mollaei. I met with Hamid during my early June trip to L.A. and after a great conversation began doing some contract work for Legal Soft Solution. That turned into a job offer in early July.”

Serving as a provider of Practice Management Solutions, Legal Soft Solution began working with several local law firms, achieving growth of more than 100%. This organization continues to expand their efforts to assist lawyers and law firms alike. With the addition of their esteemed team members, Paul Wright, Esq. and Alexander Konetzki, Esq, this business will continue to move the needle forward in the legal industry. 

About Us: Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true. Our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right. Together, they are what makes Legal Soft Solution such a fun and rewarding place to work.

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