Legal Funding, LLC Introduces for Those Settling With BP

Legal Funding, LLC has announced that they have launched to provide cash litigation advances to victims of the BP oil spill.

Legal Funding, LLC Introduces For Those Awaiting Settlement With BP

Legal Funding, LLC has announced that they have launched to provide cash litigation advances to victims of the BP oil spill. Considered the largest and probably the most destructive marine oil spill in history, the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill caused damage all along the Gulf of Mexico and no clear sign of resolution is evident. The original claim deadline of April 2014 looks likely to be extended even further, and victims of the disaster will have to wait for longer to receive their compensation. With this in mind, Legal Funding, LLC, who owns the website, has introduced the new website and a pre-settlement cash advance service designed specifically to provide relief for those awaiting settlement of their lawsuit against British Petroleum (BP).

Following the explosion, which killed 11 rig workers and the marine oil spill, that took place in 2010, victims suing BP are filing claims for economic, environmental and health damages across Florida, Louisiana, New Orleans, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. More than three years later, none of the claims have been settled and the bills continue to pile up for those affected by the disaster.

As the size and scope of the claim continues to change, and accumulated losses add up, experts believe settlement could be delayed as far as 2015. The settlement can only take place six months after all the final claims have been submitted.

Legal Funding LLC has made lawsuit funding available to provide relief for those who need to lodge claims against BP, to cover their living and medical expenses during the litigation process. A spokesperson for Legal Funding LLC, commented, “Thousands of people had their lives turned upside down when the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil spill occurred. They should not have to suffer even further waiting months or years for settlement of their lawsuit.”

In March 2012, BP agreed to an estimated $7.8-billion to settle the plaintiffs' claims for medical injuries from exposure to chemicals, damage to property and economic losses suffered as a result of the disaster. However, two years later, due to the size and complexity of the case, the lawsuit is expected to take even longer and become more expensive to settle. By the end of June last year, BP's account had increased to $9.6-billion.

Plaintiffs with valid claims are invited to apply for a personal injury lawsuit cash advance or BP legal funding for businesses, to cover the costs of their litigation. The cash advance is not the same as a loan and may be applicable to waterfront property owners, members of the fishing industry, fish wholesalers and travel and tourism vendors who have experienced loss of business as a consequence of the oil spill.

Members of the public and business owners who have strong claims and do not want to delay their settlements are invited to complete the online funding application.

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