Legal Brains Addresses the Issue of Parenting After Divorce

Former spouses often come in contact thanks to events in their child's life reports Legal Brains.

Brown University recently conducted a study to determine the United States cities with the highest rates of divorce, and many were surprised to learn that four of these cities are located in the state of Florida. Panama City actually ranks first not only in terms of Divorce In Florida, but first in the United States overall. The other three cities listed in the top ten list are Deltona, Palm Bay, and Jacksonville.

"Surprisingly, however, Divorce In Florida rates overall aren't as high as other states, with Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana, all states in the same region as Florida, having higher overall state divorce rates," the team at Ticktin Law Group declares.

Nobody goes into a marriage planning to get a divorce, yet these statistics show many marriages continue to fail. When one does, both parties face major upheavals in their lives, and stress comes naturally with these changes. "Personal issues need to be addressed along with the division of assets and debts, child support and visitations, alimony, and other legal matters. Most couples wish to resolve these issues with minimal conflict, yet this isn't always possible. When a divorce is contentious, legal representation becomes a necessity," the Ticktin Law Group team continues.

Some attorneys promise a battle when it comes to these legal matters, yet this isn't always in the best interests of the client. Although an attorney must take a firm stance to protect the rights of his or her client, a balance must be maintained to ensure the process doesn't become long and drawn out, overly expensive, and a major burden for all involved. As the team explains, before one takes this route, he or she needs to understand the consequences of doing so, both in the short and long term, to ensure this is the right choice for their particular situation as many find it isn't.

When a marriage produces children, parents find the dissolution of the marriage doesn't end the partnership, even in those situations where the children are grown. Parents wish to attend their child's graduation, be there for the marriage of their offspring, be present for the birth of any grandchildren, and participate in other major life events of the child. As parents, they expect nothing less.

"Doing so requires that all parties remain amicable. Although there are situations where this isn't possible, such as in cases of abuse, parents need to consider things such as this before fighting every aspect of the divorce. Turn to the Ticktin Law Group legal team to determine how best to handle your case. We fight when we need to, but only if it is required as you may have to interact with your former spouse for the rest of your life. You want these interactions to be as stress free as possible, not only for your sake, but for that of the children, and we understand this completely," the team promises.

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Legal Brains recognizes people don't wish to hire an attorney, but feel they must to handle one or more legal issues, similar to when one must make use of an auto mechanic. Hiring an attorney, however, requires one find a legal professional who is honest and competent and one that the person can relate to. Many turn to Legal Brains as each client receives a team of professionals working on the case, a team that wishes to represent the client for years to come. Most law firms cannot say the same.

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