LeForte International’s diversified eco-digital currency LFC is ready to hit the market!

As a professional service platform focusing on the field of game arbitrage in the early stage, the original ORACLE system of LeForte International has helped the arbitrage section to create extraordinary profits up till now.

As a professional service platform focusing on the field of game arbitrage in the early stage, the original ORACLE system of LeForte International has helped the arbitrage section to create extraordinary profits up till now. The ORACLE Top Select arbitrage scheme, which has been running since December 2019, has generated a whopping 7.89% return per week, while monthly returns have consistently exceeded 30%. The automated iStake Arbitrage Service also consistently generates monthly returns of up to 15% or more. The success achieved by LeForte International in the past six months is attributed to the ORACLE system, which possesses extremely powerful and accurate ability of data integration, analysis and calculation.

Based on the success of the arbitrage section, LeForte International will focus on building a one-stop diversified ecosystem combining arbitrage and digital currency. In line with the firm pace of LeForte International strategic development plan, LFC will be released as scheduled in June as the core of LeForte International ecosystem. The total circulation of LFC is 100 million pieces with 20 million pieces of pre-mined, of which 2.4 million pieces will be used for preliminary market circulation. Details of the pre-mined LFC allocations are as follow:
8 million - Community development and operational costs (40%)
5 million - Internal reserves of LeForte International (25%)
2.4 million - Preliminary market circulation (12%)
2 million - Platform development and deployment cost (10%)
1.6 million - Legal and regulatory fees (8%)
1 million -IT security compliance fee (5%)

Behind LFC is not only the incomparable digital ecology, but also the ORACLE system. The launch of LFC will help the brand new iteration and upgrade of the arbitrage section. The LeForte Prestige Service launched in the next quarter will be able to participate with LFC. This new automated arbitrage premium service will provide a new high rate of returns for everyone.

LFC will be first listed on the B8 Exchange after the official launch, and then LFC will be able to conduct more efficient and convenient circulation trading on the exchange. The reason why LFC chose B8 Exchange in the first place is that B8 has always been committed to exploring excellent asset partners with the capacity of producing a steady stream of profits. LFC's own complete diversified ecosystem and strong capabilities of data integration and analysis have attracted B8 to reach a deep cooperation with LeForte International. The combination of LFC and B8 will further enliven LeForte’s ecology, ensuring LeForte International Growth in the future.

Since then, LeForte International will continue to complete the ecological construction in the various sectors of entertainment and lifestyle. These include LeFun Games, an online entertainment platform for LeForte that will be officially launched overseas in the fourth quarter, and Modus Vivendi Culture (MVC), a shopping and lifestyle zone for the community. LeFun Games is a collection of a wide variety of fun online games that players can play simply by exchanging LFC for gaming credits. MVC will provide community members with many value-added services encompassing to our lifestyle, such as online shopping mall, online bidding auctions, live video broadcasting, travel blogging, etc. Each section of MVC has a LFC corresponding application scene, which greatly enhances the applicable performance of LFC.

LeForte International strives to ensure that these two ecological applications in LeFun Games and MVC will be successfully implemented as scheduled. In the future, as the core of the ecosystem, LFC will be able to circulate freely and flexibly in all the ecological modules created by LeForte International. The distributed ledger of the LFC will fundamentally allows all transactions within the ecosystem more efficient, resilient, and reliable. Starting from the arbitrage section, LeForte International perfectly links the entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem. It also covers diversified derivative businesses, so as to better meet the all-round needs of LFC holders. At the same time, LeForte ecosystem also enables the efficient circulation of LFC. According to the smart contract tied with LFC, owners can choose to store LFC idly in their QT wallets for quantitative mining to create more passive income.

The solid foundation laid by the arbitrage section of LeForte International will attract more and more loyal holders for LFC. Since then, the complete LeForte ecosystem will provide more various circulation application scenarios for LFC, which will surely make LFC have the perfect potential for storage and appreciation. Not only that, LFC can also be used to subscribe for shares of private equity after LeForte International launches its listing plan.

There is definitely no doubt that LFC will strongly promote the sustainable development of LeForte International's diversified ecosystem, allowing LeForte International to become a new stand-out success in the field of arbitraging!

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