Leelalicious.com Posts Guide To Popcorn Poppers

Leelalicious offers a detailed guide to the use of popcorn poppers. Popcorn is a healthy food choice promoted by the Alberta company.

Leelalicious.com and owner Regina Braun are pleased to announce the recent release of the Guide to Choosing the Best Popcorn Popper For Your Home. For households who like popcorn for its nutritional value, picking a home appliance to create a batch of light, fluffy and tasty popcorn is easier when the guide is available. In addition to the guide to choosing popcorn poppers, fans of popcorn can find a recognition of the top brands. Regina also makes a free e-book available to share some of her favourite recipes.

According to Konrad Braun, Marketing Director, “Plain popcorn kernels, with the option of a little oil, are the only ingredients of home-made popcorn, contrary to pre-packaged microwave popcorn bags. Microwave popcorn packets include the popcorn kernels and a number of chemical additives which can be serious health risks. These chemicals include Diacetyl, PFOA and trans-fat. Diacetyl is a synthetic butter flavour. PFOA is a chemical used to line microwave bags and trans-fat is added to imitate the texture of melted butter.”

In addition to being healthier, home-prepared popcorn is more economical and more environmentally friendly. For those households who have decided to add a popcorn popper to the home appliance inventory, it helps to learn more about the top popcorn maker brands. The appliances are categorized as standalone small appliances, or those which require an outside source of heat.

Standalone appliance are further divided into two types: those which can use oil and those which are dry heat. For those which require an outside heat source, the choices are stove top or microwave types. Other factors which enter into the choice include the size of the appliance, the batch output, ease of cleaning, material and aesthetic appeal. The website provides information about the customer rankings, based on reviews found on Amazon.com, as well as detailed reviews of the top brands and models.

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