LED Stop Lead LED Revolution With Social Buzz For LED Home And Security Lighting

LEDs are changing the way light is used from homes and offices to the film industry, and LED Stop have begun a crusade to begin the great LED switchover.

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, have been seen in TV remotes and mobile phones for quite some time, but their use as a genuine light source as opposed to a humble indicator is relatively short lived. With new advances in technology LED lamps produce just as much light as traditional lamps while using just a quarter of the electricity. With LED’s developed now for a range of home applications such as ambient, ascent and security lighting, their adoption in the domestic market is spreading fast, and LED Stop are at the forefront of their supply to the UK market.

The online store offers LED lights for almost every application, including LED light bulbs, LED candle lamps and regular replacement lights, nearly all the lamps available come in both dimmable and non-dimmable varieties and always come with manufacturers guarantees of up to 5 years. The LED bulbs look almost identical to their technologically inferior predecessors but have a range of features and benefits which make them far superior.

LED Stop is using the momentum gained from this new technology to push LED Lighting into every home, they believe they have created an LED Revolution- a mass transfer from traditional, less efficient lighting alternatives to this new form of money saving technology.

A spokesperson for LED Stop explained, “The LED Revolution is our way of utilizing social media and online discussion to generate buzz about the amazing savings individuals can make when they switch to LED lighting. This kind of lighting is now being used by industry professionals in the film industry where lighting is essential, so the quality of output cannot be disputed. On our blog, we offer ten more great reasons why individuals should switch to LED, and a lifestyle guide offering five ways to cut energy bills fast. This is the first of a whole range of content that will make us more than just a shop - we will be the centre of a community of early adopters who will spread the word far and wide.”

About LED Stop
LED Stop is a rapidly growing local company who aim to offer the very best led lighting products, advice and expertise. The company was launched to bring the best led light products to the UK market in a friendly, professional and secure way, making online shopping even more of a pleasure while promising huge savings to those who make the switch.

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