Learning Program Offers Help to Anyone Striving for Classroom Success

Dole Academy was founded in 2014 by Becky Dole, who has created her new program Master of Learning on the unwavering belief that everyone can and wants to learn.

Recently, a study looked at schools in four cities and found test scores increased by more than 8% in those which banned phones and other distractions. Students of all ages are struggling to retain interest and engage in the classroom because of distractions and interruptions, and are unable manage their time and properly prepare for class.

Becky Dole, top educator for over 30 years and founder of Dole Academy, has developed Master of Learning, a program where children, university students, and adults can see huge results and become successful learners. "The most important keys in finding classroom success are the positive involvement of the parents, enrichment learning, effective learning strategies and mentoring. You supply the positive involvement and we will supply the rest." Dole has made it her mission to rid the world of the belief that only a few can be effective learners, "99% of our students have seen learning gains while significant learning gains were seen in over 70%".

Master of Learning focuses on individuality, tailoring the course to the needs of the student. Every coach is a licensed teacher with experience, offering eight hours of individual meetings as well as access to hours of instructional videos. By removing distractions during homework time, scheduling homework time, and developing a tracking method for ensuring homework is turned-in on a timely basis, students can immediately improve their learning. They will learn precise methods to implement these positive habits, leading them to learn their current material better than ever thought possible.

A young boy with autism was getting passed along in classes, concerning his mother that he wasn't getting the proper attention to succeed. "We feel very lucky to have found Becky as our son's tutor. She has worked with him in many areas but the greatest improvement we feel has been in his ability to process, comprehend and synthesize what he has read. Last winter our son was able to read any word phonetically but most of the time could not tell us what he had read the minute he finished reading the sentence. He has improved greatly with Becky's help. He is not "there" yet but we can tell that he is learning how to use reading for the purpose of learning. He is even beginnning to learn how to use reading for enjoyment. Our son may always be challenged but with Becky's help we are hopeful for a bright future."

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