League Boosters Extends Elo Boosting Services For League of Legends Players

League Boosters will improve player’s Elo ratings in League of Legends with anew range of services, enabling players to face more challenging players and enter ranked games.

League of Legends is something of a phenomenon, with seven and a half million players online at once during peak hours. The massively multiplayer online game pits individuals against one another, as well as computer operated bots, and aims to maximize the level of challenge experienced without crushing players so they never return. To do this, it uses an Elo rating system (originally created for chess) to pit players against others with similar ratings. League Boosters is the market leader in helping players establish an impressive Elo score so they can play amongst the big boys for maximum rewards.

The Elo boosting service allows players to temporarily hand over their League of Legends account to an expert player who will enter games on their behalf and use expert tactics and strategy to earn players a fearsome reputation, fast. This will open up new areas of the game and new opportunities to players to have even more fun with League of Legends.

The site also sells League of Legends badges and character skins and borders to help people customize their character and look as impressive as possible in game. The service they provide prides itself on its discretion, and players are guaranteed not to face any disciplinary action from game moderators.

A spokesperson for League Boosters explained, “What people don’t realize is that their Elo rating is subject to diminishing returns, and mistakes made when people are first learning the ropes can cost them in the long term and make it a chore to recover to the level they should then be playing at. Elo takes into account the first 10 ranked games, and makes them five times more significant than any placement matches played thereafter. Our service will overcome this problem on behalf of players and get them to wherever they want to go. Bearing in mind that League of Legends is a game played professionally, the sky really is the limit on what a difference this can make to the future of a gamer’s reputation.”

About League Boosters:
League Boosters is a League of Legends Elo boosting service operating in North America, Western Europe and Australia. Their boosters are professional, friendly, and above all, experienced.

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