Leading the New Trend of Digital Transaction, USTD2 Lays Out the Block Chain for the Future

USDT2 will shine brilliantly in the market so as to make greater contribution to the block chain landing application.

What is the most potential industry in the next five years? Different people may have different understandings as well as different answers. However, the opinions of governments and major companies is unusually similar in terms of the fact that the block chain technology will the most potential trend in the next five years. According to the authoritative data, it is showed that there are more than three thousand kinds of transaction digital currencies based on the block chain technology.

As a famous currency, Bitcoin rose again whose price reached $10,000 again after the capital winter of 2018. All this shows that the block chain enters a new stage of development to change the future and accelerate the application in the background of the investment preference of all countries and various companies. Who owns the core technology has the key to change the world at this stage.

At present, there are many problems existing in the development of the block chain technology, such as the intelligent contract security hidden danger, the incompatibility of the block chain platform, the poor interaction with the real life, the high threshold and the difficulty in the promotion. It is necessary to make new technological breakthroughs in order to solve these problems.

It was just in this context that Tether established the USTD2 Development Foundation. As an international company, Tether is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. Many leaders of company are financial and block chain elites. As an early influential man of Bitcoin, PhilipPotter serves as the chief strategic officer. From the Bitcoin Foundation, Giancarlo Devasini serves as the financial director. He is also the founder of Bitlnstant, a trading website of Bitcoin.


As a well-known company to achieve the dollar-linked transaction, Tether is endowed with a high reputation in the international block chain field.

Philip Potter: Chief Strategic Officer

Early Famous Investor of Bitcoin

Giancarlo Devasini: Chief Financial Officer

Active Figure of Bitcoin Foundation and founder of Bitlnstant as the Trading Website of Bitcoin.

As the 2.0 coin based on the block chain of Bitcoin, USTD2 appears at a good time. With its core technology, it puts forward a scientific solution to the industrial drawbacks at the development stage of the block chain technology. It also further optimizes the technology so as to point out the development direction for the acceleration of the ownership and landing of the block chain technology.

USTD2 takes the block chain application landing as an aim technically. The consensus mechanism is combined with the intelligent contract to create a constantly changing, easy-to-use, low-cost and moderately customized block chain network by introducing the modular virtual machine, the smart sandbox, the value exchange and the bifurcation mechanism. In algorithm, 1000TPS of availability can be achieved theoretically by optimizing block spacing, block capacity and consensus algorithm for USTD2.

It means that it runs faster than many existing block chain projects, and really provides a technical solution for the block chain application landing, the settlement of compatibility, the breakthrough of industrial barriers, interconnection and integration.

Recently, it was announced by Coinbase Exchange to support the USDT2 trading. The application prospect of USTD2 in the future is very broad. It becomes popular among many investors and consumers in terms of investment value and commercial application.

In terms of investment value, the AI artificial intelligence technology is combined with the financial quantitative technology in USDT2. USDT2 quantitative trading strategy is adopted in the modern statistical and mathematical methods to select a variety of "probabilistic" events with excess returns in order to formulate strategies. It covers the whole process of investment, including quantitative stock selection, quantitative timing, stock index futures arbitrage, commodity futures arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, algorithmic trading, asset allocation and risk control. Then, the sustainable, stable and above-average excess returns can be achieved by guiding investment through the strict implementation of solidified strategies.

It is also the most prominent feature of USDT2. Coupled with high-frequency trading, it accelerates the acceleration and doubling of the profits of investors. At present, it can bring investors fifteen percent of stable return rate per month, the stable profit model, the super drainage scheme and the high user stickiness, which makes the investment prospect of USDT2 very promising.

In the aspect of ecological development, USDT2 will build its own exchange so as to construct an instant ecosystem. Such life application interactive scenarios will be realized in USDT2 Exchange in the future.

Online transaction transfer and online purchase payment (digital transaction): ticket booking, fuel card recharge and taxi service.

Mall consumption docked with physical stores: SUNRISE Cambodia International Apartment, gymnasium, catering and gambling. The consumption in physical stores in Southeast Asia can be carried out on the exchange.

Entertainment Games: Recharge, cash withdrawal and game exchanges.

It is reported that the total issuance amount of USDT2 is 0.91 billion. The distribution scheme is based on ten percent of incentives for community activities, twenty-five percent of incentives for technological innovation, ten percent of locked position for the founding team and fifty-five percent of circulation for the community value.

Because of the support of USD in trading, the online purchase or the online selling can be achieved through USD. The long-term investment value is provided for USDT2, and the security and preservation rate of USDT2 is also improved greatly by the strong USD. After the globalization of exchanges in the future, USDT2 will become the most important digital currency in the world inevitably.

Relying on the strong professional international technical team, the safe and reliable operation and management mode, the prosperity of the block chain market, and the strategic layout of Tether, USDT2 will shine brilliantly in the market so as to make greater contribution to the block chain landing application.

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