Leading Tax Lawyer Steven Goldburd Reveals Whether to Use a CPA or An Attorney in IRS Tax Disputes – Manhattan, NY

Steven Goldburd, partner at Goldburd McCone LLC in Manhattan, NY, explains when you should use a tax lawyer and when to use a CPA. For more information please visit www.goldburdmccone.com

In a recent interview, Steven Goldburd, partner at Goldburd McCone LLC in Manhattan, NY, has revealed how to know when to use a tax lawyer or a CPA. For more information please visit https://www.goldburdmccone.com

When asked to comment, Goldburd said, “Tax season can cause many to panic, particularly among those who are filing back taxes or more complex taxes for the first time. Many are unsure whether to turn to a CPA or tax attorney, however, this depends entirely on a client’s needs.”

The general rule of thumb, Goldburd says, is that you’ll want to choose a CPA for preparing Tax Returns.

"CPAs are more knowledgeable than hiring someone from a tax preparation chain like H&R Block or Liberty Tax. If you own a business or have valuable investments, then paying a bit more to hire a CPA for tax planning and preparation can be a solid decision,” he said.

CPAs know how to create a tax strategy without getting into trouble with the IRS. However, if you are involved in a tax dispute with the IRS or have a tax controversy, then hiring a tax lawyer is the best way to go, according to Goldburd.

"Tax attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in tax law and have had years of high level education to do so. They are the tax professionals that you would want to call if you have received a debt collection notice from tax authorities and need to have representation when going up against the IRS,” he said.

Tax attorneys help their clients with dispute resolution and negotiating with the IRS.

When asked precisely how tax attorneys can help, Goldburd said, "Tax attorneys represent their clients in resolving disputes and negotiating with the IRS. They can also assist in filing back taxes and unfiled returns, as well as help when tax agents or revenue officers have started taking action to collect on debt."

Tax lawyers help their clients halt wage garnishment as well as undo bank account levies and property liens.

“In short, if you need someone to help plan and prepare your taxes, then go with a CPA, but if you need a tax professional to resolve IRS tax disputes or to stop collection activities, then turn to a tax lawyer,” Goldburd commented.

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