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Top New York tax lawyer Steven Goldburd, attorney at Goldburd McCone Attorneys in New York, NY, answers important tax audit questions. For more information please visit https://www.goldburdmccone.com

In a recent interview, leading New York tax attorney Steven Goldburd, attorney at Goldburd McCone Attorneys in New York, NY, offered help by answering some key tax audit questions.

For more information please visit https://www.goldburdmccone.com

When asked to comment, Goldburd said, “Many people are overwhelmed when they receive an IRS letter for an audit in the mail. Being armed with answers to common questions can help ease your stress levels throughout the audit process."

“One of the most important questions to get out of the way at the beginning is to know what exactly a tax audit is. A tax audit is simply a way for the IRS to ensure that taxpayers have filed accurately and completely,” he explained.

Many taxpayers have a big question mark regarding which steps to take when getting audited.

“Without a doubt, you should contact an experienced tax attorney immediately after getting an audit letter from the IRS. While tax attorneys won’t be able to perform miracles, they will help ease the mental and monetary hassle that often comes along with an audit.”

He added that people who get audited by the IRS should be upfront and avoid lying to tax authorities at all cost.

Another good bit of information is understanding what exactly triggers an IRS audit.

"Tax authorities are more likely to audit someone who either hasn't filed in years or declares deductions too high to sustain their business. But if you've made an honest mistake on your tax return, then the IRS might audit you and ask to send in additional documentation via mail,” he said.

Goldburd added that mail audits are the most common and least severe types of audits. However, office and field audits require meeting with an IRS audit agent.

Clients who see Goldburd often ask whether the IRS contacts individuals by calling or email.

"The IRS will never contact you first by phone or email – if you get a call or message, then it’s probably a scam. The IRS uses the United States Postal Service to send all their correspondence.”

Another common question is how the audit process ends.

When asked to explain, Goldburd said, “There are two possible endings to audits. The first is that all your documentation checks out and no further action is needed. The second is when the IRS suggests a change to your tax return. When that happens you have two options. You can either agree to the changes which ends the audit, or disagree which will then either send you to appeals of the US Tax Court.”

Goldburd reiterated that getting in touch with a tax attorney as early on in the process can alleviate confusion and stress in resolving most tax disputes.

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