Leading Family Law Attorney Francis King Reveals Myths Surrounding Child Custody – Nashville, TN

Top family law attorney, Francis King, founder of the Law Offices of Francis King, in Nashville, TN, explains the common misconcepetions concerning child custody. For more information please visit http://franciskinglaw.com

In a recent interview, leading family law attorney, Francis King, founder of the Law Offices of Francis King, in Nashville, TN, revealed common myths surrounding child custody and associated cases.

For more information please visit http://franciskinglaw.com

When asked to comment, King said, "There's no doubt that arriving at a fair child custody arrangement is emotional. However, several circulating mistruths add more emotional distress to an already painful situation. Here are a couple of myths to be on the lookout for."

Many parents wrongly assume that they can turn to the police if their spouse violates a child custody arrangement.

"Unfortunately, the police aren't able to enforce the rules set out in a court-ordered arrangement, even if the rules have been violated. These violations include being late to drop off a child or keeping a child on a night that hasn't been agreed to," he said.

“If this happens, then make sure to keep detailed notes about the incident, particularly in the case of more serious offenses such as a parent taking a child without permission. Take this documentation to court, and a judge will be able to take appropriate action to address the situation," King added.

Many separating parents are under the false notion that the mother is always given sole or majority custody.

"This misconception was true in the past as the majority of courts would award the children to the mother. But times have changed, and it's now more and more commonplace for fathers to be awarded majority or nearly equal custody of their children."

Another common misconception is that the courts will not grant any custody rights to parents with a troubled history.

"While it is true that parents with negative past histories, such as alcoholism or drug addiction, may get less parenting time, or may have to have their time supervised or face other restrictions, it is very rare that such parents will receive no custodial rights whatsoever. Courts almost always conclude that it is in the best interests of children to have some relationship with both parents,” he said.

One of the most prevalent myths surrounding custody is that children can choose whom to live with after reaching a certain age.

When asked to elaborate, King said, “The court might or might not decide to consider the preference of a child over the age of 12 to see which parent they would like to live with, but this is not the only factor at play, and is not determinative of the outcome.”

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