Leading Family Law Attorney Francis King Reveals Essential Steps Before Filing For Divorce - Nashville, TN

Top Family Law Attorney Francis King, founder of the Law Offices of Francis King in Nashville, TN, discusses an essential checklist to go through before filing for divorce to aid a favorable result. For more information please visit https://franciskinglaw.com

In a recent interview, Francis King, founder of the Law Offices of Francis King in Nashville, TN, revealed what needs to be done before filing for divorce.

For more information please visit https://franciskinglaw.com

When asked to comment, King said, "Going through the divorce process is no easy task, making it all the more important to carefully consider the following things before officially filing. The more prepared you are going in, the better the chances you'll have of reaching favorable results coming out the other side."

One key aspect to take into consideration is keeping emotions at bay when deciding on a divorce.

"Deciding to file and following through with a divorce is an emotionally draining process. But, when emotions get out of hand, people often make knee-jerk decisions. Make sure that before commencing a case for divorce that this is the right option for you," King said.

He was quick to add that it's wise to first exhaust all options, such as couples therapy, before filing for divorce. “If you can save your marriage, do it,” King said.

Once the decision to get a divorce has been made, King mentioned it's vital to do the homework before picking the right attorney.

"When shopping for divorce lawyers, pay close attention to client reviews, which are readily available on the internet, and then interview prospective attorneys carefully. . Find someone willing to take the time to learn about the details and particulars of your case and goals, as each divorce is different," he said.

If your divorce case involves minor children, it is particularly important to speak with your prospective attorney about what your goals and expectations should be for a child custody arrangement.

"Under current Tennessee law, trial courts are required to afford substantial parenting time to both parties. Cases where one parent has the overwhelming majority of the time still exist, but they are rare. You need to have realistic expectations about how much time you will get and how much time your spouse will get with the children," King stated.

"Devising a custody arrangement that aligns with both parent's lives and schedules is a crucial step in the process. Arriving at some type of agreement with your spouse can go a long way in making for an easier divorce process," he added.

Another crucial part of pre-divorce preparation is getting all financial documents in order.

When asked to explain further, King said, "Documentation - especially financial documentation - is part and parcel of the
divorce process, and its importance shouldn't be underestimated. Documents that you need to collect include credit card and bank account records, real estate records, mortgage documents, statements for retirement accounts, tax returns, car notes, etc."

Having all this prepared beforehand, he added, will provide some clarity on how assets, accounts, and property will be divided once the divorce is finalized.

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