Leading Family Law Attorney Francis King Offers Checklist For Surviving A Divorce & Custody Battle - Nashville, TN

Top Family Law and Divorce Attorney Francis King founder of the Law Offices of Francis King in Nashville, TN advocates using an essential checklist of key legal touchpoints when people exit a marriage. For more information please visit https://franciskinglaw.com

Extracting yourself from a marriage breakup can be one of the most testing times of your life, but adopting a clear roadmap will keep you organized, advised founder of the Law Offices of Francis King in Nashville, TN

For more information please visit https://franciskinglaw.com

The Tennessee lawyer advocated an essential checklist of key legal touchpoints a partner needs to prepare for when they exit a marriage.

"Dividing assets and debts can be one of the most divisive areas of divorces, so establishing very early on a financial snapshot of the relationship will ease some of the stress of exiting a marriage," King declared.

He said it is essential to map out everything to do with marital assets – such as your house, financial and retirement accounts, vehicles, businesses, intellectual property, and more – that can be split equitably.

Obtaining a credit report will pinpoint all marital debt, while documentation of assets owned by you and your spouse before marriage that were inherited or gifted will provide greater clarity.

"Coming to grips with the financial side of a relationship will help immensely in the future determining who gets what and how much," King said, noting that proof of income for both parties will be an essential item of information..

"If both parties are salaried employees, then this can be as simple as getting the most recent pay stubs and income tax returns."

Running the risk of contention on the financial front can be just as complicated as trying to dissolve the marriage, so adopting a solid strategy of approach is a must.

Achieving the right result for all is the ambition, but employing a divorce lawyer can also go a long way in smoothing the divorce process.

King said: "Utilizing a competent attorney who can assist in negotiation, mediation and, if necessary in court, is a must if the divorce process goes to litigation. The best attorney is one that will seek to settle matters early, who will fight your corner and act in your best interests."

If you need a lawyer, he advised speaking with at least three, that they have more than five years' experience in family and divorce law, and then choose the one that’s a right fit for you.

He added: "Dissolving a marriage can be complicated, so it's better to have a solid plan of action when exiting a break-up."

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