Leading Estate Planning Attorney Janet Brewer Urges Caution When Choosing Potential Probate Lawyers To Hire - Los Altos, CA

Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer Janet Brewer founder of the Law Office of Janet Brewer in Los Altos, CA reveals why it's important to choose an attorney that deals with probate on a daily basis. For more information please visit https://www.calprobate.com

Californians considering estate planning, trusts and probate laws should first seek the guidance of an attorney exclusively focused on those subjects of law, advises estate planning attorney Janet Brewer.

For more information please visit https://www.calprobate.com

While anyone who is licensed to practice law can act as a legal representative during the probate process, Brewer said:
"Opting for the right lawyer, whose expertise is in wills, trust administration and estate planning, will be of enormous help.

They will be able to answer questions arising from those issues and act as a guide through the complicated process."

The founder of the Los Altos, CA-based Law Office of Janet Brewer also urged Californians of the need to better understand issues around legal fees and the probate's potential time frame.

California law sets attorney fees as a percentage of the estate's value. Since legal fees are set by statute, there is little risk of anyone facing substantial costs in California. "The only way a client could be overcharged is through "extraordinary fees", and those need to be approved by a judge before they can be paid," she said.

She emphasized: "I would urge people to be wary of a lawyer who wants to collect fees before they take a case. The California Rules of Court specifically prohibit collecting any legal fees in probate unless or until there is a court order allowing their collection.”

In California, the probate process can take time as it is presently taking up to six months in some counties to obtain a hearing date due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She concluded: “Communication is always key during these difficult periods. So find out how long your questions will take to be answered by a law firm. You may discover some leave questions unanswered for days, while others answer them within a timely manner."

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