Leading Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman Reveals Strategy To Reduce Emotional & Financial Cost Of Divorce - Austin, TX

Top Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX outlines a clear strategy to help lessen the emotional & financial cost of divorce. For more information please visit https://www.weinmanfamilylaw.com

Divorce is one of the most stressful and costliest situations to be caught in, but adopting a clear strategy of expectation can help, argues founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX.

For more information please visit https://www.weinmanfamilylaw.com

Here Weinman sets out several grounds that can help you defuse tensions and emotional unrest, cap the financial cost of a divorce action, and get you through the other side in one piece.

Weinman commented: “There is very rarely a winner in a divorce battle, so each party should carefully consider the impact of embarking on a full-blown court case, and the possible impacts on them and their children.”

One practical avenue is to retain a sense of civility with your ex-partner so that things can be rationally negotiated, a better ending can be achieved for all, and the financial and emotional impact can be minimized.

“If mediation is required, then both parties should keep an open mind as it could help in allowing them to take a more common-sense, creative, and individual approach to their divorce, rather than acting rashly and then regretting those decisions in the long term,” Weinman advised. “But managing fears and expectations is a big plus in any divorce.”

Divorce can have a devastating impact on children. They need to be a priority when considering their future living arrangements. Each party needs to recognize and come to terms with the fact that they will be a part of their ex-spouse’s future.

“Think twice before saying anything hurtful in front of children, and don’t be tempted to use them as a pawn in the divorce process or to interfere in future child-parent relations. Don’t put your hurt onto them.

“Children at any age are in tune with changing environments and changing moods, so keeping a neutral and balanced approach when it involves former partners should be priority,” she warns.

As much as split spouses may have a circle of friends and family to rely on during their times of strife, getting advice should still come from a professional, not a well-meaning friend in the background.

She asserted: “Information, advice or moral support can be well-founded but ill-advised. Every state is different, every family is different, and every divorce is different. So for realistic guidance through the process, advice should only come from an experienced divorce lawyer.”

This means recognizing the reality of the situation and not assuming that every divorce ends up in court, Weinman added: “Divorce through a court can be financially and emotionally costly. When you go to court, you place the most important decisions of your life in other people’s hands, which can have some serious unintended consequences.”

Weinman added: “When it comes to creating an inventory of assets, clients need to be honest with their lawyer so that a case can move ahead swiftly and without delays. This will ensure that omitted items, assets or debts don’t come to light later and impinge on their case.”

She concluded that irrespective of the here and now during a divorce, clients should seek to see the bigger picture and move ahead with their eyes firmly focused on tomorrow, rather than the past.

“By making some concessions and taking an adult stance on such difficult decisions in the divorce, you will be able to move things along quicker and enable you to begin life afresh,” she said.

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