Leading Criminal Attorney Kristin Paulding Explains How To Get The Most Out Of Your Defense Lawyer – Virginia Beach, VA

On an episode of the Five-Minute Legal Insights podcast criminal defense attorney Kristin Paulding founder at 7 Cities Law in Virginia Beach, reveals how clients can ensure they get the most from their defense attorney. For more information please visit https://7citieslaw.com

Clients wanting their defense lawyers to be on their A-game also need to be well-prepared and ready to contribute to their defense, Virginia Beach’s Kristin Paulding revealed this week.

For more information please visit https://7citieslaw.com

During a recent episode of the Five-Minute Legal Insights podcast, Paulding said she sometimes finds that clients do not actively participate in their defense. It is important for clients to read essential documents, be prepared for meetings and ask questions about their case.

Paulding, of Virginia Beach’s 7 Cities Law Attorney, said: “Your job as a client is to know your stuff. I consider ourselves to be a team: we have to work together, and the more involved they are in this, the better for them.

“The wrong approach is to expect or assume the lawyer is going to always win the case. There are certain bad facts that a good lawyer simply cannot overcome and the client needs to know those bad facts by preparing with their lawyer before court. A client should not expect to turn up two days before trial, or not communicate with their lawyer, and be successful.”

She revealed that parents of juveniles accused of a crime are often the most prepared as they had many questions to ask. “It helps if clients prepare their questions ahead of time so that we can get the most out of our consult or meeting.”

Paulding said: “If a person has been sent 30 pages to read, but turns up to a pre-trial conference without even reading them, it sets the attorney back because she will have to explain what is in those pages before you can get to the rest of the meeting.
Clients need to be on their game irrespective of what crime they are accused of. The more involved they are, the better.”

She revealed that an average day for a lawyer was attending court during the morning and sitting down with clients in the afternoon for meetings.

“I usually begin at 5.30am, but between 8.30am, and 12 noon, I am usually attending court or trial. But the day can be highly unpredictable, and you could, for example, on a public holiday, be heading to the jail to visit a potential client who was just arrested.”

She concluded: “It’s a never-ending list of things and places to do and go. Being a lawyer can be highly unpredictable, so it’s important for the client to know that the lawyer’s time is very valuable. A client that is well-prepared, informed and well-drilled in their questions for the answers they want, will often guarantee getting the best out of a meeting with their attorney.”

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