Leading Commercial LED Lighting Manufacturer Launches New Website

Hoping to connect more with their clients worldwide and provide valuable LED industry leading information, Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd, has launched their brand new website.

Obals Lighting & Electric Co. Ltd, a leading provider of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) LED products for distributors and engineering businesses has recently launched their brand new website which can be found at their web address http://www.obals.com.

With currently around 103 LED products and growing in their catalog, 6 of them being awarded the coveted Red Star Lamp Award in China, the company hopes their new web presence will further increase the awareness to the world of their exceptionally high quality of products. It is also worth noting that 60 types of their products have global certifications and many different ones have ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates, to further support their claims.

This is all achieved by adhering to strict quality standards within the company, with protocols in place to ensure there are always 3 quality control personnel for every 25 employees. Combine this with an average budget of close to at a minimum of around $800,000 every year invested in research and development, Obals Lighting And Electric Company are able to guarantee a high stability and long durable time for their lighting products. This translates to approximately 100,000 hours of operating lighting time for every Light Emitting Diode.

“It is our hope with this new website that we convey the professionalism of our company as well as project the exceptional quality standards that all of our products must meet before ever leaving our factory doors”, states Vivian Wu, marketing manager at Obals. She goes on further to state, “Our LED lighting products speak for themselves so we can’t wait to hear from business owners, provide them with working samples and continually assist them in growing their lighting businesses”.

As one will learn more at the official company website, the beginning of every new production idea starts by using the most advanced methods in 3D printing technology to assess the future products from every angle. This is just one of the many reasons why trusted clients have placed their lighting in super malls and hotels – currently in over 32 countries and expanding steadily. Satisfied worldwide partners plus the launch of this new industry leading website should support the fact that Obals Lighting & Electric Co. Ltd is considered the leading commercial LED lighting manufacturer in the world.

Contact Info:
Name: Vivian Wu
Email: vivianwu@obals.com
Phone: 86-760-87550202
Organization: Obals Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd

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