Leading Attorney Joseph Fantini Reveals Hernia Mesh Compensation Program & Mass Tort Lawsuit Insights

Top mass tort lawyer Joseph Fantini, mentions that thousands of people are still approaching his firm in Philadelphia to pursue lawsuits over failed hernia mesh products. For more information please visit https://www.herniamesh.org

In a recent podcast on 5 Minute Legal Insights it was revealed by Joseph Fantini, a highly experienced mass tort attorney, that thousands of people are still approaching his firm in Philadelphia to pursue lawsuits over failed hernia mesh products.

For more information please visit https://www.herniamesh.org

"There are over 25,000 lawsuits pending which are being dealt with in part by the Hernia Mesh Compensation Program, and we expect that number to grow in the next few years," revealed Program founder, Joseph Fantini, during the podcast, hosted by Grant Eagle.

Fantini, of Rosen Injury Lawyers, explained the Program was established not only to educate the public these products are dangerous, but they can work with leading attorneys and experts to get the best resolution possible via a lawsuit.

"The Program is unique as it also seeks to hold the hernia mesh manufacturers to account and get these products off the market so that no one suffers in the future.”

He said: "I have represented over 10,000 people injured by defective hernia meshes.
These are entirely different from your classic personal injury lawsuit as these relate to clients getting surgical implants, such as hernia meshes, to help their problems.”

"Ultimately, it makes the situation much worse as unbeknown to them and the medical community, a lot of these products were not approved for the application they were used for. These people ended up with more severe problems than what they went in for."

He said the Program allowed the client to focus on their recovery and health, while the team shouldered the stress of pursuing a lawsuit and move cases forward in an efficient manner.

Most lawsuit clients have typically had a second surgery because of complications with the hernia mesh, he explained.

According to Fantini, most hernia repair operations involve mesh, which could be problematic as materials used in recent years lead to increased failure rates. "As many as one-third of hernia mesh surgeries could result in complications. Some people might not be aware of the complications associated with a failed mesh," he said.

Two common symptoms of hernia mesh failure are extreme pain and recurring infections, while other telltale symptoms are hernia recurrence, which could be caused by the migration, adhesion, fistula, and perforation of the mesh.

Due to a relatively high risk of complications following a hernia mesh implant, the US Food and Drug Administration recalled specific mesh devices. Fantini said: "Hernia mesh litigation has been going on for 25 years, and meshes have been around for more than 70 years. Over the years, there have been tens of millions of dollars paid out for hernia mesh cases.

"Each case is different, and this is why having a mass tort means your case still depends on the facts of your specific case. The damages you get relate to your specific problems caused by the hernia mesh failure."

One of the most critical elements of the Program is that they retain trial lawyers prepared to take the case to trial compared to attorneys who are ready to settle before they go to trial.

He added: "In most hernia mesh cases, attorneys are sending the cases to me, and they do it because we are one of the few firms that are not afraid to take it to trial, and we'll take it as far as possible.”

For those that have a hernia mesh problem, he advised: "They are not alone in this. They have not done anything wrong as these products have harmed thousands of people, and it's a common problem.”

He concluded: "Don't hesitate to reach out to us today because there is a time limit to bring a claim. We are happy to speak to you, no obligation and no fees involved, to see if we can assist you. There are no out of pocket expenses to the client unless we get a recovery on behalf of them, and we only take a case on if we believe in it.”

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