Leading Attorney Jonathan Dichter Founder Of DUI Heroes Reveals How Clients Helped Create New Brand – Mill Creek, WA

Jonathan Dichter, founder and managing attorney of DUI Heroes.com in Mill Creek, WA, explains the reasons behind why he created the new brand for his firm. For more information please visit https://www.dichterlawoffice.com

In a recent interview, Jonathan Dichter, founder and managing attorney of DUIHeroes.com in Mill Creek, WA, explained the reasons behind why he created the new brand for his firm.

For more information please visit https://www.dichterlawoffice.com/

Early on he revealed an interesting insight by saying, “The idea for the brand name really came from our clients telling us that in their eyes they saw our firm as a hero figure in their life.”

When asked to elaborate he explained, “The hero qualities that they recognized in us center around our core values. These core values not only are what drive what we do but more importantly they drive how we do what we do.”

An example that he shared surrounding the core values of the firm was the value his firm places on client care.

When asked to comment, he said, “At DUI Heroes, one of the core values we pride ourselves on is the concept of client care, which we find to be far more effective and human than the traditional legal approach of case management.”

“It’s too easy in a law firm for people to just become another case file when they have a legal problem,” he said.

It became apparent early in the interview that Dichter and his team work diligently to ensure that they approach each client with compassion and understanding, working to see the human being behind the charge.

He continued by saying, “We have clients who are struggling with addiction, substances, and other horrific things in their personal lives. And in addition to that, they are facing the unrelenting traumatic stress of being charged with committing a criminal offense, which might lead to the loss of their job, their entire career, and in some cases, their family – and they find themselves sitting in our office genuinely asking another person for help.”

According to Dichter, the simple act of recognizing and offering words of comfort without passing judgment is the most essential ingredient in establishing a trusting attorney-client relationship. Ironically, his clients tell him that this is rare in their experience.

Another example of this caring hero-like quality is how Dichter and his attorneys also go above and beyond for their clients outside of the courtroom.

When asked for an example, he said, "One of our clients was a registered nurse who was struggling with his second DUI. One of my associates invited him to a graduation ceremony for people who had recovered from serious drug addictions. She drove him for almost two hours to attend the ceremony. She wanted to make sure that he knew that struggling with substances wasn’t something he would do alone.”

In talking with him, Dichter is convinced that basic and simple philosophy behind the DUI Heroes brand sets them apart from other players in the criminal justice system.

“We as a firm very much believe that a person who is struggling with substance abuse is a person who has a problem, not a person who is a problem. Many prosecutors in the state don’t see it that way – unfortunately they see it the other way around,” he said.

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