Lawsuit Legal Launches Nationwide Pregnancy Discrimination Assistance Program

New program will help protect the rights of those who have suffered employment discrimination related to pregnancy, with free case reviews now available, Lawsuit Legal reports

Lawsuit Legal, one of the nation's top case review and attorney referral networks, is now working with those who have experienced employment discrimination relating to pregnancy. Through the new program detailed at, victims of job discrimination related to being pregnant or subsequent childbirth can sign up for a free, no-obligation case consultation with an experienced, award-winning employment lawyer. For those with cases who experienced illegal discrimination in the eyes of the law, they will have the option of pursuing their legal options.

"There is still a lot of progress to be made in the fight against pregnancy discrimination in the workplace," LawsuitLegal representative Chris M. Levin said, "Women who choose to bring a new life into the world are protected under the law, and should not have to suffer career damage or worse for it, and the laws provide some very important protections against discriminatory firing, retaliation, and other unfair employer treatment. Female workers nationwide can have their cases reviewd and rest easy knowing they have recourse when their employers violate the law."

The 1978 federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964, adding pregnancy to the list of factors that employers are legally forbidden from discriminating against. The amended form of the Civil Rights Act protects pregnant women from being fired, penalized, or passed over in hiring because of their condition, also requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations for the particular difficulties that childbirth can entail.

Unfortunately, employers around the country continue to violate these protections, often striving to conceal their illegal, discriminatory act in ways that purport to legitimatize disciplinary action taken against pregnant women or those who have recently given birth. This can leave women feeling like there is little to be done, especially given the many other concerns new mothers inevitably have to deal with.

The new Lawsuit Legal pregnancy discrimination program will therefore be an important, valuable tool for mothers and pregnant women around the country. Women who suspect they have suffered from pregnancy-related employment discrimination can now easily sign up for free consultations, entirely without obligation, at A partnering attorney will review each claim, answer any questions, and clearly explain their legal options. Those interested in the latest Lawsuit Legal developments can also follow the company's Facebook page at

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