Lawson Law Firm Publishes Free E-book Advising Personal Injury Victims of Rights

Not a solicitation for new lawsuits, this e-book assists victims in finding important information needed to decide if they need an attorney and how to find the right one to represent them

Recent statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that in excess of six million car wrecks occur in the US each year. Furthermore, the report goes on to state there are over three million injuries from said accidents, and approximately 40,000 deaths, making death by motor accident the number one cause of death in the country.

Recovering from accidents, whether permanent or temporary, can be a complicated process, requiring insight to the judicial system most laymen don't possess. In a recent survey conducted by the Insurance Research Council, the number one reason individuals gave for consulting with an accident attorney was they wanted to make sure they were adequately protected and that everything was done according to the law.

With more lawyers than any other specialization, the personal injury field is saturated with attorneys seeking to help victims of auto negligence; however, it can often be confusing to an individual which attorney to choose, or if they even need an attorney. With this in mind, Larson Law Firm has published an ebook titled, Arm Yourself with What You Need to Win Your Missouri Injury Case. This publication, according to Springfield Car Accident Lawyer and writer Kurt Larson, sets out to answer consumers most pressing legal questions and to help them make intelligent decisions regarding their own case.

Says Larson, "Picking the right lawyer, if you even need a lawyer in the first place, is one of the most important decisions individuals make in the entire process of their case. We are tired of seeing good people being short changed by lawyers with clever advertising. These lawyers are giving a bad name to great attorneys who are true advocates for the clients. We want to show how you can find the best attorney for your case at no additional expense to you."

Larson goes on to explain, "This is not a solicitation for a personal injury lawsuit. We spend a lot of time speaking with and giving guidance to people who contact our firm for general advice and guidance in personal injury cases. This free book is simply a way for victims to gain important information to read in the comfort of their own home, and without the anxiety that may come with contacting a lawyer directly. Frankly, many times people do not need an attorney, and we tell them why. With our free materials, individuals should be well-armed to determine if they need an attorney, and if so, to find the right attorney to represent them."

About Larson Law Firm:

For more than 20 years, Kurt Larson has dedicated his in-depth legal knowledge exclusively to protecting injury victims, and to helping families who have tragically lost a loved one due to wrongful death. Kurt and his team have a passion for righting wrongs and holding people accountable for their negligent behavior. The goal of his firm is to aggressively represent his client's interests, keep them informed about the status of their case and counsel them on whether pursuing the case through trial is in their best interest.

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