Lawrence Law Offices Launches Student Loans 911 Borrower Education Site

New site provides a range of informational resources and strategies directed at educating student loan borrowers and helping them take control of their financial lives, Lawrence Law Offices reports

Lawrence Law Offices announced the launch of Student Loans 911, a new online destination aimed at those looking for ways to ease or better manage their student loan debt burdens. The new site collects in a single place a range of resources that can be of use to borrowers in a wide variety of situations, from those who remain in good standing on their student loans to others who are already deeply in default. The newly revealed Student Loans 911 is already one of the most in-depth and extensive sites of its kind and will be updated with new information on an ongoing basis.

"We're pleased to announce the launch of Student Loans 911, a new website for those concerned about their student loans and interested in investigating their options," Lawrence Law Offices partner Don Lawrence said, "with a wealth of helpful information already available, we plan to add even more to the site as time goes on." By the end of 2013, student loan totals in the United States topped $1 trillion for the first time, continuing a trend that has seen them make up an ever-larger portion of the nation's total debt load. Over 11% of all student loans in the country are in default, a statistic that stands out starkly compared to loans of other sorts, where default rates a fraction of that figure are the norm.

Even those well advanced in their careers today often labor under student loan burdens that can have major, negative implications for their families and lives in general. A report released by the Government Accountability Office recently, for example, states that a full four percent of retired people between the ages of 65 and 74 still have student loan debt, a four-fold increase compared to the situation a decade earlier. Since most student loans are, under federal law, not dischargeable in bankruptcy, finding relief from them can be especially difficult, and an increasingly large cohort of borrowers contend with their student loans for thirty years or more.

That is not to say that there is no hope for those struggling with student loans, however. Lawrence Law Offices and others around the country have been successful at helping to renegotiate the terms of student loans for clients, often arriving at arrangements that can put individuals back on the path to financial solvency and well-being. The new Student Loans 911 site contains a wide variety of information of value to those interested in such possibilities, including a rundown of the most common ways how to get student loan forgiveness. A product of the Lawrence Law Offices, a Scottsdale, Ariz., law firm that handles a range of family- and debt-related legal matters, the new site is available free of charge to all visitors.

About Student Loans 911:
The Internet's leading destination for those interested in investigating the options related to their loans, Student Loans 911 is an ongoing project of Lawrence Law Offices, PLLC. The site includes a variety of valuable resources and guides aimed at helping student loan borrowers become better informed.

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