Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato Wins $3.5 Million Belle Glade Funeral Home Case

Remains of plaintiff's mother were never handed over for cremation, with whereabouts still unknown, leading jury to award suitable judgment against funeral home, Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato reports

When Ronda Mitchell's mother died in 2014, the West Palm Beach woman struggled with getting over the loss of her best friend. Belle Glade funeral home Taylor, Smith, and West proved to be of no help, forcing the grieving Mitchell to make many contacts over the ensuing months in pursuit of her deceased mother's ashes.

After the crematory that was said to have handled the matter reported never having received the body, Mitchell got in touch with the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato. A jury has now awarded her $3.5 million in damages thanks to the work of the firm's attorneys, with the same advocates now moving to collect on the judgment. Although the funeral home has since reopened under the same owner after being shut down by the state, Mitchell's legal victory will help both her family and countless others throughout Florida. With the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato committed to seeing justice served, this unfortunate story has taken a positive turn that is only just getting started.

"There are few things in a person's life that can leave them more vulnerable than the passing of a parent, child, or other close family member," said Vince Pravato, Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato co-founder, Managing Partner, and lead attorney on the case, "Unfortunately, those tasked with providing support and assistance in the days after such a difficult event do not always live up to their responsibilities. We're proud that we were able to secure an appropriate judgment for Ronda Mitchell after the Taylor, Smith, and West funeral home treated her mother's remains in such a negligent, dishonorable fashion. We're also determined to ensure that this judgment is satisfied and that justice will be served in every possible respect."

Licensed and carefully regulated under Florida law, funeral homes are supposed to live up to their promises with a level of reliability and transparency befitting the seriousness of the duties they are assigned. That was not the case with Taylor, Smith, and West, where others have complained of the same shoddy kind of treatment that has left Mitchell not knowing, even to this day, where her mother's remains ended up.

As a result, the funeral home was shut down by the State of Florida a year ago, although the owner has since opened another operation of the same kind in the same location, but using a new license. In the meantime, however, the attorneys of the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato have won an important legal victory for Mitchell, convincing a jury to award her $3.5 million for the damages and pain she suffered as a result of the funeral home's completely indefensible behavior.

With a strong record of producing such justified results for clients, the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato stands out as a crucial source of much-needed assistance for people throughout Florida. Whether for personal injury matters, construction accidents, or mistreatment like that Ronda Mitchell was forced to endure, the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato works tirelessly and effectively to make sure that victims get the compensation they deserve.

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