Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates Launches State Sobriety Checkpoint Survey

Gleaning public opinion on the matter aids in better serving the community, publishes

Law enforcement officials across the nation report a surge in DUI incidents typically beginning after Thanksgiving and ending on New Year's Day; furthermore, the trend appears to increase with each passing year. This has left authorities and citizens alike considering the need for greater focus on such issues. In light of this scenario, Tad Nelson of the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates recently launched a survey questioning Texas residents on their thoughts regarding introducing sobriety checkpoints throughout the state.

Nelson affirmed, "Our Houston Criminal Defense Attorney team regularly represents people who have been accused of drunk driving and other crimes. In order to better understand our clientele and their needs, we conducted our survey asking people whether they would vote for a bill that would introduce sobriety checkpoints if it were initiated today. The response was tremendous with more than 10,000 citizens offering their opinions on the matter."

According to an infographic built from survey results, the state was almost equally divided with slightly fewer than half in favor of such a bill. When broken down further, the DWI Attorney group discovered a number of demographic factors affected respondents' views of the subject. Gender seemed to be a determining factor as far more women than men expressed approval of checkpoints.

Age likewise appeared to sway public sentiment with those opposed waning as age increased. Less than 45 percent of residents ages 25 to 34 indicated they would vote in favor of a bill of this nature whereas the number surpassed 56 percent among those 65 and older. Income played a role in opposition as well, the exceptions being those on extreme ends of the spectrum. Parents emerged in support of the bill while young single individuals and childless couples held contrary views.

Concluded Nelson, "We found that 48.5% of Texans are actually in favor of sobriety checkpoints, women voting 57 percent in agreement and seniors only 44 percent opposed. Family, social and financial status certainly seem to be the primary elements dividing citizens on the subject. Our state is only one among many considering cracking down on the problem, and based on the responses we received, a bill like this would stand a good chance of being placed into effect. We encourage those interested to visit our website to find out more."

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