Law Office of James Medows Announces No Middle Man Policy For Defense Cases

Ability to treat clients like family starts with ease in reaching attorney and no buffer between client and attorney reports

According to statistics released by the National Registry of Exonerations, there are currently more than 2,000 false convictions on file with the database which tracks prisoners exonerated in the U.S. of serious crimes. In addition to these false convictions, researchers compiling the database discovered an additional 1,100 additional cases where convictions were overturned due to police corruption scandals, the majority of which involved planted evidence on innocent victims.

These devastating numbers came as no surprised to James Medows, New York defense attorney in Brooklyn. Says Medows, "Having an attorney on your side from the very beginning is imperative to making sure your case has the best possible outcome. Whether you have already been charged or are about to be charged with a crime, the accused needs to lawyer up. Even if the police simply want to question you, you should have qualified representation on your side. But most people don't realize that, and they ultimately end up saying more than they should."

Generally, police are trained to question a suspect, however, the average citizen has no idea how to submit a statement to the police that will not incriminate them later on down the road. Continues Medows, "A qualified lawyer will make sure all your legal rights are protected from beginning to end. Facing a criminal charge is always a serious matter, requiring aggressive defense tactics. Every case is taken seriously. Even a misdemeanor can have a devastating effect upon a person's life. Everyone should remember there is no such thing as a simple criminal matter."

To aid clients in their defense, The Law Office of James Medows has eliminated the middle man, seeking to treat every client like family. Says Medows, "With so many large firms, the client all too often feels as though there is a huge buffer between him and the actual attorney." Medows has done away with secretaries and tries to make himself available at all times. "My business line is my cell phone so that those in need can reach me when they need to. Whether they feel like calling, emailing or even texting, I will make the best effort to assist them right away." Medows also urges those in need to reach him via his contact page on his website,

About The Law Office of James Medows:

James Medows is a second-generation criminal defense attorney who cares about the individual rights of each and every one of his clients. His educational background includes attending New York University for his undergraduate degree (B.A. Politics) and attending Howard University School of Law where he received his law degree (J.D). James is licensed to practice law in the State of New York as well as in Federal Court for the Eastern and Southern Districts of the State of New York.

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