Law Firm Raises Awareness for 2015 Love Light & Melody Dia de Luz Festival

Christian Scranton from the Scranton Law Firm supports the fifth annual event in June in Managua, Nicaragua , dedicated to the children of the Villa Guadalupe community.

The professionals at the Scranton Law Firm have spent over 40 years helping people receive the justice they deserve through the legal process. Today, they are announcing a different type of project, one they hope will improve as many lives as their law firm has helped over the years. The event is known as the Love, Light and Melody Dia de Luz Festival. Scranton Law Firm President and Personal Injury Lawyer, Christian Scranton, is deeply involved with the project and is doing everything possible to increase awareness of this event.

“The La Chureca trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua has been the site of unfortunate experiences for many of the children across the region.” Explains company spokesman Christian Scranton. ”These impoverished families have often turned to child trafficking to keep themselves and other family members fed. This is a tragedy that needs to stop. The Day of Light event is one step towards making that happen.”

This event has been described as an opportunity for volunteers to celebrate and to serve the families living in and around the trash dump. It is a three-day event that will unite international and local non-profit organizations as they work to clean up these neighborhoods and plant trees and flowers. There will be more than just work at the fifth annual celebration of this event as it is also designed to uplift and unify the community.

“There will be plenty of activities,” explained Scranton. “There are sports like lacrosse and soccer as well as music and dancing and even mural painting. All of the community is encouraged to join in and anyone who wants to come volunteer and join in the festivities is welcome too.”

The event will take place on June 10th-15th, 2015 at the La Chureca trash dump and throughout Villa Guadalupe in Managua, Nicaragua. Anybody that wants to go or support in any way is encouraged to contact Love, Light and Melody for more information. The entire team at the Scranton Law Firm has raised funds to support the film project, Ileana's Smile, which raises awareness and money to aid various organizations that are dedicated to protecting vulnerable children around the world.This is just one of the charities supported by Scranton who regularly attends charity adventure rides with Neale Bayly of the Wellspring International Outreach.

About Scranton Law Firm

Scranton Law Firm was established in 1973 by Michael Scranton and has been dedicated to protecting accident victims and helping them to receive the justice they were unable to find on their own. The firm represents accident victims of all types, is paid only when their clients win their case and always offers free consultations. Since 2009, Christian Scranton has maintained the integrity of the firm started by his father. He continues to lead his team as they successfully combine their busy law firm with charitable causes, always looking for ways to give back to those in need.

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