Lavish Leopards Unveils an Exclusive And Inclusive Top-Tier NFT Community Built on ETH

Lavish Leopards Unveils an Exclusive And Inclusive Top-Tier NFT Community Built on ETH

On track with its goal to become the most powerful and exclusive community, Lavish Leopards has launched a lavish community in Web3 that features 5,555 extremely limited pieces of art and eyes incorporating real utility and its own token.

Lavish Leopards is out to redefine the NFT space after introducing an exclusive and inclusive top-tier NFT community built on Ethereum. 

The project consists of 5,555 limited and meticulously detailed pieces of art. Each one is unique and serves as an entry ticket into a top-tier, exclusive community where everyone thrives.

Alongside great art collections that feature a centerpiece, Lavish Leopards introduces 12 limited edition Legendary Leopards that are among the most delicate pieces in the collection. The artists completely customized these legendary ones and were perfected as a creative statement for any investor.

"We'll make sure to leave our mark in the space and continue to grow as things in this space are only getting started. We believe that fashion has no limits, and the same applies to Web3 and the future of NFTs," a representative of Lavish Leopards said in a statement.

Lavish Leopards stressed that more than just an NFT collection, the team is developing an exclusive merchandise release that will be strictly reserved for NFT holders. This means only the true holders can wear it to show that they are official members of the Lavish Leopards Club.

Holders of Lavish Leopards Club NFT receive infinite perks and are entitled to exclusive up-and-coming free mint projects, weekly giveaways, and many more. The team is poised to release a limited run of Jungle King Leopards, with original holders getting priority mint for future drops. Moreover, the team will airdrop Junior Leopards to every wallet holding both a male and female leopard, all for free. 

The Lavish Leopards team is composed of social media experts who want users with Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and other business models and platforms to be nourished by the community. The team has decided to showcase the most exciting projects run by community members, where they can discuss business and gain access to more customers, create ideas, and network with other LLC owners. 

Launchpad Chosen Winners - 

The owners of the project are going to fund the project for the winners with their private equity. In addition, they will have full guidance and connections to the founders giving them the ability to shortcut the process and give the winners an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have to develop their ideas into a product. 

In addition, the team will launch its own token for holders to use, and anyone who stakes their NFT will be airdropped tokens monthly.  

The Lavish Leopards team is also on a mission to give back to the community by providing assistance to multiple charities. One charity, in particular, the Snow Leopards Trust, is fighting against the extinction of Snow Leopards. Community votes will be held to decide which charities will be benefited.

Meanwhile, all future drops will also be directly supporting the causes and advocacies the team believes in. Those who want to become part of the most lavish community in Web3 may join the Discord community to get started. Those who enroll on the Discord channel get a chance to win a highly exclusive WL spot and a Lavish Leopard NFT.

Felines – whether they're lavish leopards, cheeky cheetahs, or bossy lions – who wish to learn more about Lavish Leopards may visit its website and social channels for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Drake Shurkin
Email: Send Email
Organization: Lavish Leopards
Address: United States

Release ID: 89080353