Lauren Jawno’s High Performance CoachingTM Program Officially Launches

Lauren Jawno’s High Performance CoachingTM Program officially launches helping people achieve more success with less stress and struggle in every area of their lives.

New high performance coaching program now available to ALL as Jawno officially launches her website

As one of less than 170 Certified High Performance Coaches world-wide, over 15 years of experience, a comprehensive, integrated background in physiology, psychology and spirituality and having trained with the best in the world - Jawno draws on a unique wealth of knowledge and expertise as she coaches clients to create more success with less stress and truly live the lives they want.

Although people are all different – with unique needs, values, ambitions, challenges and dreams the one thing they all want more of is happiness, free time, energy, connection and success regardless of what that looks for each of us.

And at this time of the year, it seems that all these desires tend to become even more difficult to achieve. Each month now seems to become more and more stressful and strained with year-end deadlines looming, family commitments growing and holiday festivities kicking into gear sooner than everyone is ready for.

“I see this mounting pressure and stress occur like clock-work in people every year” says Jawno. Fortunately her clients are able to navigate this challenging time by managing there days and time more effectively. This includes not only what they do, but also when and how they do it – from emails, to workouts, to reports, to family time – nothing is left unscrutinized. The payoff – increased productivity where it matters and the ability to get more done in less time. As a result her clients manage their work commitments better and are also able to make their kids year-end ballet recital or football game and even dinner with the in-laws.

“But none of this happens by chance” says Lauren Jawno. “It requires clarity of purpose and intention, specific tools and strategies, consistent intentional action. It requires commitment and discipline and an openness to learning and doing things differently.”

Part of Jawno’s appeal and why she is so sought after is because of her extensive and integrated background and experience. She is able to approach her client’s challenges from all angles; quickly getting to the crux of issues and helping them gain huge insights and change in a short amount of time.

“But managing their time and life is just part of the challenge” says Jawno. Along with this comes the need to be able to influence others in support of their new action plans and strategies. This often requires a change in how they position their ideas to colleagues, friends and family. Sometimes this can be extremely subtle, sometimes more overt but it is possible and it definitely does not need to remain a mystery.

And then to top all of this off, people need the physical and mental energy to not just follow through but to follow through with presence, understanding and strength. This for Jawno is a no-brainer. She has over 10 years experienced working as a holistic nutritionist with world-class athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high performing moms. If she knows one thing, it’s how to kick the energy up a notch or two or three.

All of this may seem daunting but fortunately all these critical elements of success are addressed in Jawno’s elite High Performance Success Coaching Program, “Stop Settling, Start Excelling”. In this signature program she engages her clients in a proven 12-week program that helps them get unstuck and move forward in leaps and bounds week after week. The ultimate goal - ensuring her clients consistently live their best and happiest lives as their unique and greatest self, understanding their significance in the world and the impact they have by just showing up fully every day.

Jawno’s approach and program truly lives up to this vision.

To celebrate the official launch of her High Performance CoachingTM program and new website, training videos and blog, Jawno has created a FREE 7-day mini Transformation MasteryTM Program. This gem takes people through some of the fundamental elements of her program and will definitely get them started on a different trajectory in life and work.

To receive a copy or for more information about her limited availability for complimentary Strategy Sessions that will begin a personal journey of Transformation MasteryTM, please visit today.

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