Laura Barone says goodbye to Arbistar 2.0

Laura Barone, former chief of staff, decided to end her duties at Arbistar 2.0. Since her arrival in July 2019, Barone has carried out the company's personnel management and, previously, has developed skills in public relations and translation.

Laura Barone's path in Arbistar 2.0
Laura Barone has been linked to the business project for a year and a half, from July 2019 to the present.
"My professional experience, in Arbistar 2.0, has been positive".
Barone acknowledges that, despite her past in banking, she has been formed on investment and online trading.
"I would not change this professional stage for anything. I have learned more than I imagined, both in the good moments and in the last more complicated ones".

Knowledge in crypto and Forex
With her time in the company, she improved her skills in Forex and crypto-assets' economic scenarios.
"I have developed leadership skills and aptitudes in the cryptocurrency and Forex market."
And she recognizes that, with Arbistar 2.0, she has acquired important knowledge for her career.
"Everything I learned I keep for the rest of my professional life."

Arbistar 2.0 team
Laura Barone says goodbye, proud of the team she has managed.
"The Arbistar 2.0 group of employees was fantastic. We all formed a family".
The personnel director admits that the familiarity, which surrounded the online trading company, was positive for everyday life.
"The confidential environment was the key to making everyone work 100%."

Thanks to Laura Barone
From Arbistar 2.0, we thank Laura Barone for her constant commitment to the company.
And, we wish her the best of luck in her professional and personal future.
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