Launch of New Pool Blog Announced

Topics related to gardening, swimming pools and other related topics from the garden are provided by avid gardener James Weisz in his recently launched blog. The tips and reviews are designed to help readers to make good choices in their gardening and pool selection decisions.

The Rexgarden and James Weisz are pleased to announce the launch of a blog and website which discusses pools, gardens and their care. Sharing his passion for garden and outdoor living opportunities is the focus of the blog. James has done the research and reviews through his own experiences in the field. Some of the topics which have been discussed include pool maintenance and supplies, above ground pools, pool filters, and pool pumps.

The blog post defines the advantages and necessity of having a pool vacuum. The articles also inform pool owners about how to choose the most suitable vacuum for their pool by distinguishing the different types of pool vacuums which are available. The top five picks for different locations and types of pool are displayed, along with the pros and cons for each of the five.

According to James Weisz, “There are many options in pool vacuums. Choosing one which will fit your budget needs and other factors. Without a vacuum in place, the pool will quickly become undesirable to swim in.”

Choosing the best pool vacuum depends upon such factors as how dirty the pool gets, the size of the pool, budget limitations and time available for maintenance tasks. For those who choose to invest in an automatic pool cleaner, there are three main types: suction-side cleaners, pressure side cleaners, and robot cleaners.

The post reviews five pool cleaners: The Zodiac Barracuda G3, Polaris VacSweep 360, Dolphin Nautilus, SmartPool NC72RC and the AquaBot Turbo T. The Zodiac is a suction-side type; the Polaris a pressure-side type and the other three are robotic types. In conclusion, the top-ranked cleaner is the Smartpool NC72RD, due to the good balance between price and features. The review conclusion presents additional reasons why the SmartPool is ranked higher than the other two robotic cleaners reviewed.

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