Laser Hair Removal Melbourne Launches To Provide Cutting Edge Laser Hair Removal Services

Laser Hair Removal Melbourne is a new branch of beauty salon Visible Changes, and has launched to provide the very best IPL-laser hybrid Super Hair Removal throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is a dermatological method of hair removal in which different wavelengths of light are absorbed by pigment cells in the hair, which becomes heat and kills the growing cells, causing the hair to fall out. It is a gentler alternative to waxing and shaving, using chemical reactions to do the work instead of brute force. Laser Hair Removal Melbourne is a new branch of Visible Changes, and has been launched (find Laser Hair Removal Melbourne on Facebook) to offer the latest evolution of this practice to people in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

They offer a hybridized process known as Super Hair Removal, which combines IPL with targeted fixed-frequency laser hair removal to offer the best of both worlds for clients, adjusting the combination and intensity to match the skin and hair profile of each client. This guarantees the best results for every individual.

In addition, the new treatment ( manages to be three times quicker than standard IPL treatment, and requires fewer treatments as a more thorough job is done each session. Warming is more gradual meaning there is no pain, and the procedure is performed by certified and trained dermatologists with advanced knowledge of how to tailor the device to each client.

A spokesperson for Laser Hair Removal Melbourne explained, “Laser Hair removal Melbourne is thrilled to be launching with the ability to offer the most sophisticated, effective and affordable service on the market. We are pushing the boundaries of the technology right now, ensuring the best service possible from the outset. We want to quickly establish a loyal customer base, and we will do that by offering outstanding results at amazing prices, with a fantastic customer experience proving to be the cornerstone of the service. We look forward to introducing this new technique to women throughout Melbourne and revolutionizing their beauty regimen in the process.”

About Laser Hair Removal Melbourne: Laser Hair Removal Melbourne is an arm of Visible Changes, which has been established for over 22 years. Their IPL technicians are all fully qualified and experienced, undertaking regular training and professional development to use the latest technology and techniques. Their machines are not pre-set, instead adjusted to the needs of each individual client, achieving better results and greater protection against burns and hypopigmentation.

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