Las Vegas Financial Pro Launches Unique Program that Eliminates Debt in About 9 Months

Believing that DEBT is a an underlying cause of many societal problems, Las Vegas consultant Tuan Pham is launching a new division aimed at helping Americans eliminate debt in 9 months or less and accumulate wealth for the future.

Las Vegas, United States of America - March 30, 2016

“We haven’t done nearly enough in this country to educate people about how money really works, " says respected financial educator and debt elimination expert,Tuan Pham.

Based in Las Vegas, Pham has seen firsthand what happens in that city when ordinary people are lured into a web of debt by banks, credit card companies, loan companies, and "quick money" schemes.

"It's easy to get sucked in by "easy" credit offers that seem too good to pass up. Then, because most people don't understand how money and credit really work, they wind up in a never-ending cycle of debt leading to anxiety, stress, and despair”, says Pham.

Pham points to statistics indicating that money problems continue to be a leading cause of divorce in the United States. ( ex: Studies of School of Family Studies and Human Services, Kansas State University,and Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University)

"Study after study shows that stress about finances is pushing couples over the edge and into divorce court,"says Pham. He cites one such study, a New York Times' 2009 report that claims over 45% of divorces are directly attributable to financial pressures.

In addition, Pham believes that many health issues such as depression and heart disease can be linked to debt overload as well. His theories are supported by major studies published in the Journal of Gerontology and Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

"We've done a very poor job of educating people in this country about the power of money and the consequences of carrying a heavy debt load, " says Pham. "It's probably the most important thing people need to know, and yet it is largely ignored in schools, even in higher education. Most people don't even know how to balance their bank accounts when they get them, or how to create a realistic budget."

To combat financial illiteracy and help people break free of the debt cycle, Pham is launching a new service of his financial practice that is devoted to debt elimination and financial education. This comprehensive service includes financial educational tools that include a new content-rich website,(

"It's not enough to talk about the problem. Most people know intuitively that too much debt is bad for them. What they don't know, and are desperate to learn, is how to get rid of it. That's where our unique process, website and trained staff can assist. I want to help anyone, regardless of their financial circumstances, live a more balanced, fulfilling, and debt-free life," Pham says.

Pham says consumers anywhere in the country will be able to go to the website and learn. They can watch videos and download informational materials to assist them in helping them to understand and overcome debt. They can also arrange a no-cost telephone consultation that will help them determine whether or not Pham's plan will work for them.

"Many people don't confront their debts because they are afraid that any solutions will require them to drastically change their lifestyles or adhere to stringent austerity measures. I have studied and refined a proven successful method than can get nearly anyone out of debt including their mortgage quickly, without them having to give up the lifestyle they currently enjoy," Pham says. launches in May, 2016. However, anyone wishing to act now to control debt is urged to contact Tuan immediately for guidance.

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