LanjiaoMediaCo. Ltd. has set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Las Vegas, USA

Lanjiao Media USAHolding Company was inaugurated in Las Vegas, USAon Feb. 16, local time.

Lanjiao Media USAHolding Company was inaugurated in Las Vegas, USAon Feb. 16, local time.

Lanjiao Media USA Holding Company was founded on Feb. 13, 2019, headquartered in Las Vegas, the United States, which is a corporate entityregistered byLanjiao Media Co. Ltd. in America.Lanjiao Media USA Holding Company, whichis an important foundation for Lanjiao Media Co. Ltd. to build a strategic development platform in North America, has offices in the states of New York, Illinois, Delaware and other places, involving in the business of investment, finance, cultural industry, etc.

It is known that the company has invested $10 million to purchase an office building with supporting property managementin the prime location of the central business districts in Las Vegas, which can not only meet the office needs of Lanjiao Media USA Company, but also can obtain a long-term stable return.

ZepingWen, chairman of Lanjiao Media Co. Ltd.and a former member of Forbes China charity list, said the establishment of the American company is the latest layout for Lanjiao Media to fulfill the cultural strategy of going out.The company is of great significancewith regard to optimizing the asset allocationof Lanjiao Media andbuildingthe platform ofthe overseas development strategy.Next, Lanjiao Media, based onLanjiao Media USA Company, will further develop the investment management platform in North America and implement the strategy of the group's overseas development.Meanwhile,in order to realize the cultural trade, multinational cooperationand mutual development,Lanjiao Media will build an overseas cultural exchange platform, through holding exhibitions and undertaking cultural exchange activities, so as to promote Chinese culture to go to North America.

According to the analysis of industry professionals, this foreign investment ofLanjiao Media, as one of the important measures of the company's internationalization strategy, is conducive to the further expansion of the international market and the enhancement of the company's brand influence.At the same time, it can timely follow up the cutting-edge trends of industry, provide support and services for the company's strategic transformation, and build an important platform for promoting the company's international cooperation.

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