Landscaping Services from Green Valley Ranch Share Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls aren’t just a great way to add texture to your landscape, they can serve a functional purpose too

Landscaping a backyard is usually done for aesthetic purposes. But Green Valley Ranch encounters all kinds of situations where landscaping choices are about a healthy functioning yard as well. One example would be a retaining wall. Retaining walls are an excellent choice for creating texture, accenting an outdoor space such as a patio, and bringing focal points to your yard. Retaining walls are also used to help manage erosion, hold back soil, and can even provide a great management system for stormwater and runoff.

Essential to support large masses of soil, retaining walls can hold back what might usually be just an ugly blight on the lawn. A retaining wall turns unsightly or boring lumps of dirt into a beautiful focal point. When joined with a proper draining system, these walls can provide direction for the runoff. When the weather gets, and lots of rain or wind hit the soil, it can create erosion. A retaining wall helps secure that soil instead, keeping it from fluctuating too much. Plus, tops of retaining walls make for great planting areas to grow your favorite foliage.

Retaining walls can serve as a truly aesthetically pleasing when using the right textures and materials. They don't have to use expensive materials either to make a solid wall. Types of materials you can use include stone veneer, concrete, brick, wood, boulders, or more. Certain types of treated wood such as pine and fir can last for up to 40 years. There are tons of options to suit your needs, and each material will have a different kind of longevity or effect on retaining the soil.

If you have small hills, are exposed to lots of wind, or have a sloped landscape, then retaining walls will be an excellent choice for your outdoor space. These walls will work to avoid soil shifts with the weather, prevents erosion, and manage water drainage. If your land is particularly exposed due to a lack of trees or shrubs, these walls are a great way to hold the soil down.

A backdrop for a patio could look stunning with the right kind of wall. It will make an outdoor area feel a little more intimate, and keep plants at a higher level to enjoy better with the view. These landscaping services can also increase the value of your home! Call Green Ranch Valley for quotes and consultations for your next landscape idea.

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