Laboratory 6 Launches Frackers, All-Purpose E-Bike that Charges in 20 Minutes

Developed by Laboratory 6 in collaboration with Maruishi, Frackers uses a fully recyclable battery to cut 4-6 hours off charging time

Frackers, the all-purpose e-bike that charges in just 20 minutes, the fastest in the world, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund its commercialization. Produced through a collaboration between Laboratory 6 and Maruishi, Japan's oldest and most trusted bike manufacturer, Frackers represents the future of the family bike. Existing e-bikes, which rely on standard Lithium-ion batteries, take four to six hours to charge.

“In the post COVID world, bikes are more important than ever,” said CEO Hiro A. Nishina for Laboratory 6. “People want to avoid public transportation if they can, so an e-bike is a natural solution. Now, with our revolutionary fast charging, e-biking is a truly viable way to get around.”

Frackers features a Cambrian battery that is manufactured using patented carbon technology to support quick charging. A 20-minute charges gives the bike a 50km (30 mile) range, with a maximum speed of 24km/h (around 19m/h). Equipped with a 3 speed Shimano gear system, riders can select from a varying degrees of pedaling speed.

The bike has a spacious front basket and rear delivery rack which can carry up to 120KG, there is also an option to install child seats in both the front and rear. A powerful Bafang electric motor provides propulsion. In this sense, the bike is well suited for not only deliveries, but also daily commutes, making grocery rounds, and getting around with family.

The bike also provides environmental benefits. Frackers contains a fully recyclable battery. In contrast, Lithium-ion batteries contain toxic precious metals, which cause environment damage when the battery is discarded. Frackers’ carbon-based battery solutions do not contain toxic rare-metals. The bike is also fortified with the “dock and lock” stabilization technology which places the bike in a stable docked position and locks the handlebars for safety onloading goods or passengers.

“Our patented stabilization technology ensures a smooth ride for everyone on board,” Mr Hiro A. Nishina added. “The Bafang motor provides an extra boost that enables the bike to carry up to two extra passengers.” Frackers meets all safety standards ensuring a secure ride for everyone.

The company expects that subsidies in EU countries can be applied to Frackers. In most countries, the subsidies can be expected to be between 250-500 EUR. While the price for the bike itself when launched will range from $900 - $1399. Availability of the product is based on a first come first served basis.

Laboratory 6 offers international shipping, recently opening both US and UK branches to serve those respective regions. Laboratory 6 is working directly with the UK Department of International Trade to service UK and the greater EU.

Visit this page for more information about Frackers

Frackers is available to purchase via this link starting July 29th

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