LA Lipo Launches New Website To Explain Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing

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New site details all the particulars and outlines who is a viable candidate and potential promotions

According to Cosmetic Surgery Trends statistics recently released, nearly 400,000 liposuction procedures were performed in the past year. However, even with that staggering number, an increasing number of potential cosmetic surgery clients are turning to a relatively new fat removal solution, Cryolipolysis. For those who haven't heard of it, this revolutionary Weight loss local treatment allows individuals to tone up, smooth and tighten certain areas of the body utilizing a a safe, non-invasive body-sculpting procedure for both men and women often referred to as 'fat freezing'.

Considered a positive and effective alternative to liposuction, this FDA approved method destroys fat cells without the need for surgery or needles. Says LA Lipo spokesperson Jason Forster, "This procedure is especially effective when it's used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, effectively eliminating specific problem areas. It's especially popular for people who want to take off those last few inches around the waist, on the lower back or under arms. In fact, recent results have shown up to a 20% reduction in body fat." With this in mind, experts in the field LA Lipo have launched a new website which fully explains the procedures to potential researchers.

The new site explains the positive attributes of the procedure, which according to Forster, is the portability of doctors. Forster explains, saying, "Our practitioners are highly experienced in this specific procedure, ensuring that our service is thorough and effective. Cryolipolysis treatments are available both in local clinics or within the comforts of home, allowing sessions to take place wherever and whenever is most convenient."

Those who choose to go this state-of-the art fat removal system route can expect to see the results of the procedure in approximately 6-8 weeks, says Forster. "It can take up to twelve weeks for the full effect to be visible. However, LA Lipo offer promotions for multiple and top-up treatments, making it great value for money."

Both men and women are turning to cryolipolysis, with women often concentrating on the chin and face, arms, buttocks, stomach and neck. Men, on the other hand, often choose the neck, shoulders, chest and legs for their spot treatments. The new website details all the current promotions available to men and women this month.

About LA Lipo:

LA Lipo provide fully trained and insured specialists who focus solely on delivering first rate cryolipolysis treatments, as opposed to alternative providers who often also offer a range of other treatments in addition to cryolipolysis. As a result, the practitioners are highly experienced in this specific procedure, ensuring that their service is thorough and effective.

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