LA Business Sees Sales Skyrocket After SEO Overhaul

SEO expert Bruno Pisano delivers the results for LA-region businesses that needed to increase their rank in search engine stats.

An LA firm has seen sales go from a meager $85K a year to more than a half million dollars and rising thanks to a major SEO overhaul of its website.

Robert Loscalzo, owns L.A. Rocking Chair (, a store specializing in rocking chairs ranging from tradition to what can only described as modern art meets comfortable furniture. Mr. Loscalzo hired Los Angeles SEO company LaV1, Inc. to rework the SEO content of his website and improve his marketing strategy.

“The results speak for themselves. What would you do to have 170 percent increase in business? I cannot guarantee that, but I can guarantee to get your website into the top of the search engine results. That will bring more attention to your site and more customers. I show them the door. You have to close the sale,” said Bruno Pisano, owner of LaV1, Inc.

One of the LA region’s most successful chiropractors saw his rank in search engines climb to the first page of results affect hiring Bruno Pisano and LaV1.

Dr. Thomas Marinaro, a renowned chiropractor in Los Angeles for over 25 years has a clientele which includes Quentin Tarantino, Paris Hilton, Alicia Silverstone and others. He tried for quite a long time to achieve a first page listing on organic search results. He hired the Los Angeles SEO company LaV1, Inc. and now his website is at No. 6 using hugely competitive keywords such as “pain relief.”

Dr. Marinaro said Mr. Pisano was, bluntly, amazing. Getting to the top in the LA market is extremely difficult and only the best SEO experts can make this happen he said. Dr. Marinaro’s site is .

“SEO is more than just inserting words into a webpage,” Mr. Pisano said. “You have to know marketing strategy. You have to know the demographic the business wants to attract. Then you have to know what that market and demographic are using in their searches and how to correctly apply that to the SEO.”

Part of the strategy behind the chiropractic clinic is Video SEO, something fairly new to SEO work but growing in importance. People look for videos, Mr. Pisano said, and delivering what they want is critical to a website’s rank today.

Another LA business has been online since the Internet took the global stage in the mid 90s. After hiring the Los Angeles SEO company, David Miretsky’s company, , is now ranked on the first page of search results twice. Mr. Miretsky describes this as nearly unbelievable.

“Again, it’s all a matter of knowing how to work the search engine algorithms and knowing the market. You have to know both,” Mr. Pisano said. “The greatest marketing strategy in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to put it into effect.”

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