Kurt’s Rubbish Removal Ready for Sydney’s Post-COVID19 Lockdown Rubbish Cleanup

Sydney lockdown restrictions are easing prompting Kurt's Rubbish Removal to offer increased staffing resources to meet rubbish removal demand.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal announced today that their team is fully prepared to help in cleaning up curbsides and households from huge volumes of waste and rubbish in councils across Sydney. Their teams of removalists are ready to answer the councils’ call to clean up the discarded items in the affected areas.

Streets across the country’s major cities as well as suburban areas are presently littered with rubbish from households due to the unavailability or lack thereof of options to dispose of them. This is mainly caused by the change in the behaviour of Sydneysiders brought about by the lockdown. There has been a constant rise in online shopping numbers during the past three months. This has lead to an increase in discarded items, packaging, and plastics produced.

Two of the major causes of the increased volume of rubbish are the increase in renovation activities and that the international workers have cleared out their homes, leaving unwanted possessions before going home to their respective countries. This is currently a problem among local councils as reports say there is a 70% increase in illegally dumped rubbish, a 50% rise in the volume of household rubbish, and a 35% rise in private collections on average.

The founder of Kurt’s Rubbish Removal company expressed his teams’ desire to help with the cleanup. “The increased volume of rubbish littered on the streets and curbsides has risen at an alarming rate. The local councils are extremely concerned about this problem. We understand that the lockdown period has something to do with this. Our company is here to answer the calls. We have directed our team of rubbish removalists to be ready at all times.”

The company promotes the principles of public health safety, environment preservation, and waste management efficiency. These principles are deemed to be timely especially during this current global health crisis.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal provides safe, efficient, and cost-effective rubbish removal services across Sydney. The company has more than 10 years of experience serving and providing peace of mind of the locals and assisting the local councils by taking care of unwanted possessions, cleaning up all types of wastes, and providing relevant information about eco-friendly waste management.

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