Kuber Ventures Launches Business Property Relief Portfolio Product To Help Investors Make Gains Investing In Business

Kuber Ventures understands the Chancellor plans to continue with aggressive inheritance taxes through into the new year, and is offering business property relief as an alternative investment strategy.

Business Relief reduces the value of a business or its assets when working out how much Inheritance Tax has to be paid by as much as 50% or 100% when passed on while the owner is alive, or if it is stated in the will. This is a vital relief as inheritance tax looks to continue being a prominent part of the chancellors plans. According to Intelligent Partnership, 95% of financial advisers are expected to do more BPR business over the next five years, and Kuber Ventures has made it easier than ever by providing a BPR portfolio.

The new BPR portfolio service helps investors make the most of this useful tool in inheritance tax planning, by offering access to Blackfinch IHT Portfolios, Deepbridge IHT Service, Guinness Sustainable Inheritance Planning and Seneca Inheritance Tax Service. This is in addition to diverse investment portfolios offering the ultimate in simplicity, with bi-annual valuations and a single platform that allows individuals to track extensive investments.

The new product has already proven very popular with independent financial advisers, who see the strategic value in helping their investors avoid the inheritance tax trap. Kuber Ventures has even created a Business Relief Infographic to help explain the advantages to investors.

A spokesperson for Kuber Ventures explained, “We have just launched the product and already we have received fantastic feedback from advisers who are already advocates of our intuitive platform. This new portfolio is a unique opportunity, and our infographic has been created to make the advantages as transparent as possible, so individuals can make the right call on where to put their money when using the Kuber platform.”

About Kuber Ventures: Kuber Ventures is a ground breaking independent platform that is dedicated to EIS and SEIS investments. Founded in 2013, Kuber provides an easy-to-use online system for Financial Advisers considering tax-efficient investments and wanting to build portfolios of many companies within Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed EIS (SEIS). Kuber Ventures is the only dedicated Multi-Manager Platform focused exclusively on EIS and SEIS. Please note that  Kuber Ventures is not a tax advisor and you are encouraged to seek your own Tax and IHT advice.

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