Kuber Ventures Announces Their 12th Fund As They PublishNew Guide OnTax Benefits Of EIS and SEIS

Kuber Ventures is the only independent platform for EIS and SEIS funds, having announced their 12th fund added to the platform they published new details on how these funds can benefit to anyone considering investments in the UK.

Enterprise Investment Schemes are designed to help small and medium sized businesses grow, encouraging investors by offering a range of tax relief options. Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes offer even more relief to help small, early-stage companies raise equity finance to get their business underway. Kuber Ventures is the only independent platform for such investments in the UK, and has recently announced that they already has twelve funds on the platform. They are looking to expand, and have published details about the tax incentives to encourage more new investors.

Kuber Ventures has posted new editorials on SEIS and EIS relief benefits, giving a top line summary of the percentages and amounts before looking at what each relief really means to investors in great detail for each of the different funds. The guide aims to make the advantages of SEIS and EIS funds completely transparent, so investors can feel confident in investing via Kuber.

The Kuber platform itself is highly attractive to investors, offering impressive diversification options to manage risk, thorough due diligence, vetting and screening of business managers applying for funding through the platform, as well as leading edge administration and communication, making it easy for clients to make informed decisions.

A spokesperson for Kuber Ventures explained, “We decided it was time to help advisers who had never considered EIS or SEIS before to discover the advantages for themselves, through our website. We have successfully worked with those who have already seized that opportunity for years, but we are now looking to convert more advisers to these particular forms of investment. They offer huge benefits to both parties, and help the economy strengthen and grow through support of small business. It is an exciting time to get involved.”

About KuberVentures: The Kuber investment platform provides the latest and best tools for creating discretionary, managed EIS EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) portfolios. Advisors and high net worth investors can use these tools with complete confidence and reap both direct and tax benefits as a result. Created in 2012, the platform already has twelve funds which continue to be fast growing and dynamic.

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