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Michael A. Kruse and the criminal defense lawyers at his law firm have a combined criminal trial experience of over 50 years. Kruse Law Firm has an outstanding track record of won cases and client successes.

Michael A. Kruse and the criminal defense lawyers at his law firm have a combined criminal trial experience of over 50 years. Throughout Mr. Kruse’s 22 years practicing as a criminal defense lawyer, he has helped hundreds of clients facing impaired and drunk driving charges obtain positive outcomes in their cases. Kruse Law Firm has an outstanding track record of won cases and client successes.

Being charged with an impaired or drunk driving offense has serious consequences. Most people do not think about the long term effects of taking a plea arrangement or simply pleading guilty to have the matter resolved quickly has on their livelihood. In many cases, people charged with drinking and driving offenses have no prior criminal records. By taking a plea agreement or pleading guilty without consulting with a criminal defense lawyer, the charges are recorded on their permanent criminal record. While drinking and driving charges normally do not pose many problems, like being able to travel internationally, they can create issues with finding a job, especially one in transportation.

Next, there are fines and fees associated with taking a plea arrangement or pleading guilty to drinking and driving charges. The court determines the fines and fees one must pay based upon certain guidelines, but the judge is free to impose stricter fines and fees, if they deem the person’s actions warrant more severe penalties. Those people, who take a plea agreement or plead guilty, could be required to attend education courses, drinking awareness conferences, or other such court mandated events, which they are responsible for paying for out of their own pockets.

People found guilty of impaired and other drinking and driving offenses will lose their driving privileges for a period of time, and in repeat offenses their driving privileges can be revoked permanently. In addition, once their insurance company learns they were found guilty or plead to a drinking driving offense, they can expect their insurance rates to increase because they are a higher risk. Some insurance companies will even cancel their policies if they feel the person is too much of a risk to insure.

There is even the possibility the court may impose some jail time. If someone goes to jail, they might as well forget about their current job, as most employers are not going to hold their position until they are released from jail. Now that they no longer have a job, they are not going to be able to support their household and living expenses and run the risk of losing their home, too. Further, the court still expects to be paid the court fines and fees once they are released from jail.

According to Michael Kruse, “One of the biggest mistakes people make after being taken into custody for a drinking and driving offense is not obtaining proper legal representation. Instead, they attempt to represent themselves or take, what they believe, is the easy way out, by agreeing to a plea agreement. However, what they fail to realize, at that time, is their actions have serious consequences. In many cases, if the person had retained the services of a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer, their charges could have been dismissed for one reason or another.” This is why Mr. Kruse strongly recommends anyone charged with a drinking and driving offense contact Kruse Criminal Law Firm and schedule a free consultation appointment to discuss the charges in more detail.

While impaired and drunk driving cases have contributed to building the reputation of one of the top criminal defense law firms in Toronto, Kruse Criminal Law Firm also represents clients facing other types of criminal charges, including fraud, assault, drug and weapons offenses, theft, vandalism, domestic assault, murder, and sexual assault. Having the right legal representation, regardless of the charges, is the only way to guarantee rights have not been violated and a person receives the best results. Contact Kruse Criminal Law Firm to schedule a complimentary, in person consultation appointment to discuss the charges by calling 416-900-3889 now and protect the legal rights.

About Kruse Criminal Law Firm

Kruse Criminal Law Firm was founded in 1993 by Michael A. Kruse. Mr. Kruse started the law firm after having served as an Assistant Crown Attorney for the Minister of the Attorney General. He decided he wanted to help people accused of criminal offences, including impaired driving and provide them with the best legal representation. Over the past 22 years, Mr. Kruse has won many criminal and impaired driving cases for his clients. While he cannot guarantee charges against a client will be dropped, he can promise he and all of the lawyers at Kruse Criminal Law Firm will work tirelessly to protect the rights of every client and ensure they receive the best possible outcomes for the charges being brought against them.

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