Kristin Murray, International Career and Leadership Coach, launches The Career Academy so you can land the career you deserve!

In less than 12 months, Kristin has created a leading-edge international Career Academy. She’s help numerous clients land the career they deserve and helped them increase their salary by $10k, $20k and even $50k.

Competition has always been fierce, we all know that. Yet Covid 19 has brought another layer of challenges. Some would say it’s an employers market. Hundreds of applications being submitted for one job role. So, in this crazy time, how do you showcase your success and stand out from the rest when landing the career you deserve?

Kristin Murray, International Career and Leadership Coach from KM Coaching says, ‘having an edge or point of difference is how. Knowing what to say and how to say it. Understanding the employer’s viewpoint, what they’re expecting, and leveraging off your own experience to give you that edge.’

For Kristin Murray it all began when she experienced a burning desire to be a successful entrepreneur. After experiencing several setbacks in both her career and personal life Kristin knew she was destined for more.

After leaving home at age 16 and failing her first year of tertiary education, Kristin felt useless. Needing money to survive she got her first job and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. However, Kristin knew she was destined for more. Wanting to create autonomy, income and her own career aspirations she tried to start a number of businesses. With a young family in tow the time was not right. At age 25 Kristin was financially ruined, at age 28 divorced and age 29 redundant from her corporate role. A new level of desperation set in, but whilst Kristin felt worthless, she was determined to get her career back on track, landing the career she deserved…and she was right!

After taking the lessons she’d learnt from her failed businesses, previous roles and personal setbacks, she shifted her mindset and career. She once again started climbing the corporate ladder and became a well sought-after operational and technical leader. From having no direction, to leading teams that delivered high quality results, exceptional team engagement and high value performers across the business – some becoming her peers. This is when Kristin’s light bulb moment went off.

The strategy she’d been sharing with her staff could be shared on a wider platform.

As Covid 19 hit, Kristin saw devastation. People were depressed, without an income, families were under pressure and she wanted to help. That’s when ‘The Career Academy by KM Coaching’ was born. Providing people with the tools to showcase their success with cv, cover letter and interview questioning tips and tricks.

In less than 12 months, Kristin has created a leading-edge international Career Academy. She’s help numerous clients land the career they deserve and helped them increase their salary by $10k, $20k and even $50k.

Kristin reached a multiple six-figure income in her own career and created a five-figure income for her coaching business. Even in the midst of a pandemic, she has experienced success.

Struggling to get noticed?
The Career Academy is designed just for you! Learn how to showcase your achievements through Kristin’s tailored program launching in 2021, which includes:

- Unlimited access – subscribe for as long as you like and work at your own pace.
- Weekly LIVE coaching sessions – 60 minute group sessions where Kristin will share proven strategies and techniques to help you get an edge above your competitors and give you feedback on your resume and cover letters.
- Easy exercises, templates and guides – using Kristin’s proven and market leading STARO strategy.

Kristin has over 20 years of leadership experience, is a certified Life Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds a Diploma in Business Studies, Management and Human Resource Management.

Here’s what one of Kristin’s clients Lisa James has to say about her experience.

"After leaving a high paying job I was struggling to get interviews for roles which I knew would have been a given in a pre-covid environment. I enlisted Kristin to update my cv in the hope it would stand out from the rest...and that it did!

Kristin did any amazing job at turning my cv around from dull to eye catching. I’ve recruited a number of staff in the past and I’d never seen a cv like it. I also ran through some scenario interview questions which helped me prepare.

After my cv was updated I applied for two roles and both I got interviews for - AMAZING! Kristin is a wealth of knowledge and a real confidence booster. For anyone needing help I strongly recommend her help."

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