Krause & Kinsman Law Firm Launches New Website for Vehicle Accident Education

Fast response and meticulous attention to detail are among the key factors in dealing with an accident or injury, publishes

With more vehicles now on the roadways than in the past and an increasing number of transportation options available, vehicle accidents are on the rise across the nation. By extension, this development has led to a surge in automotive insurance and personal injury claims as well as growing misconceptions regarding the claim filing process. With this in mind, Adam Krause of the Krause & Kinsman Law Firm has launched a website designed to educate those in the Kansas City area on such matters.

Krause elaborated, "Car Accidents happen every day though some are far more severe than others. Actions taken immediately after the incident and during the days to follow are crucial. It's important to remember as many details as possible about the circumstances leading up the accident, the other people and vehicles involved and a number of additional relevant elements. The purpose of our new website is to help local citizens learn more about which steps should be taken to ensure their rights are upheld."

Among the factors detailed on the Krause & Kinsman website is gathering contact information of witnesses to the situation. While the exchange of insurance policies and phone numbers is common practice between those directly involved, many overlook keeping outside observers in the loop. In many cases, their input may not become relevant; however, should contention over who was at fault or damage extent arise, additional accounts of the events taking place along with photos and video may prove vital to building a solid argument.

According to the website, documentation pertinent to a claim includes all medical records, receipts for expenses handled out of pocket, check stubs indicative of lost income and other proof of resulting costs. Though the state of Missouri adheres to a five-year statute of limitations on vehicle accident and personal injury cases, victims are advised against prolonging the claims process. Human memory begins to fade in as little as a few minutes following a traumatic experience, meaning details potentially holding considerable weight in a case could quickly be lost without prompt action.

Concluded Krause, "In addition to advice revolving around proper actions following an accident, we also provide tips on dealing with insurance adjusters, when to consider seeking medical attention and many other elements. Our goal is to help prepare citizens well in advance of an accident, so they fully understand how to proceed. We welcome any additional questions and offer free consultations for anyone in need of legal representation due to a collision, personal injury situation or any other issues falling under our practice areas."

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