Konstantinos Kazinakis on How a Global Marketplace can Benefit Worldwide Economization

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Economies of scale increase output while decreasing input as a result of effective capital applications.

Entrepreneur and global investor Konstantinos Kazinakis shares his insights into the benefits of a global marketplace, including the ways in which individual economies will find success through community-wide joined marketplace support. In large part, the changes are due to urban expansion of China's, India's, and Africa's middle classes, as confirmed in a recent Executive Summary by Accenture discussing the opportunities of corporate disruption. Applying lessons learned over 21 years of successful equity investment, financing, and commodity trading approaching $1.5 billion USD, Konstantinos Kazinakis embraces effective global marketing strategies, observing shifts in demand, recognizing industry game changers, and engaging in emerging economies to maximize growth.

An important benefit of participating in the global marketplace, economies of scale increase output while decreasing input as a result of effective capital applications, outlined in the 2015 World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report. As brand image and standardized marketing practices support demand and growth, businesses become increasingly agile and forward-thinking, able to mount early responses to changes in purchases and preferences through connected, informed knowledge workers. A thought leadership piece by Mahesh Gupta in Cisco's Workforce 2020: What to Expect notes that device-to-employee ratios, highest in the US but quickly moving upward in India and other emerging economies, prove immune to location issues and wake/sleep cycles, driving youthful, intelligent, and flexible round-the-clock responses to market changes.

Urban consumers, growing by 65 million people annually, are projected to develop 75 percent faster in emerging world economies than in more developed markets, lifting more than 620 million people from poverty and dramatically raising annual consumption, translating to global economic opportunities. That, according to an April, 2015 McKinsey Global Institute report referencing trendsetting global forces, enhances benefits of the global marketplace related to the speed of technological change and the adoption of those technologies by trade, finance, capital, and information sectors. As businesses receive an increased flow of location-neutral and time-sensitive information, exceptional opportunities in disruptive sectors of 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, drones, autonomous driving, and biosimilars, in addition to more traditional sectors of clothing, energy, entertainment, and health care will develop, delivering rewards to strong, global players.

The President and COO of United Bunkers Investors Corporation, Konstantinos Kazinakis continues to earn respect and acclaim through an understanding of the challenges faced by the oil industry, cargo and bunkering traders, suppliers, shippers, refiners, and producers. Clearing channels that allow businesses to concentrate on core operations, Kazinakis provides needed assistance attending to back office support details, contracts, risk management, credit monitoring, transaction documents, invoices, factoring, and forfeiture. United Bunkers Investors Corporation is supported by Financial Technology trade financing platform for a high technology solution to the global trade finance market, which is worth more than $ 4 Trillion US dollars a year, the gap is currently around $1.4 Trillion for the innovation in making trade financing more efficient and to protect against all risk.

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