KnifeScout Launches World's First Survival-Knife Search and Comparison App

The first and only one of its kind, powerful new tool allows users to filter and compare according to everything from price point to tang style or blade alloy, KnifeScout reports.

KnifeScout has launched the world's first and only survival knife search and comparison app. Allowing users to filter through a wide selection of knives according to basics like price or brand, along with more specific traits like blade alloy and handle construction, the new app is the single most powerful and effective way to find the perfect survival knife. Available now at, the unique new app joins a rich collection of existing guides, articles, and reviews.

"A survival knife can easily prove to be a matter of life and death, so it always makes sense to do plenty of research before making a purchase," KnifeScout founder Stefan Johne said, "Since founding KnifeScout, we've helped many people find the perfect survival knife for their own needs and situations. Our brand new app takes things a step further, for the very first time making it possible to search through and compare some of the world's best knives in a powerful, highly configurable way. With one stroke, the new app does away with the tedious, slow work that used to be the norm."

Of all the tools that survivalists and those who love the outdoors regularly rely upon, a good knife often turns out to be the most important and fundamental. From cutting branches for the building of shelter to shaving tinder for a fire, a well-made knife can provide a range of invaluable functionality that no other tool can deliver.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of candidates on the market, with manufacturers producing everything from low-priced, virtually disposable knives to boutique, hand-crafted models that cost a thousand dollars or more. Even while they recognize the need to acquire a worthy knife, then, survivalists and those who are active in the great outdoors have often felt forced to do too much painstaking research as a result.

KnifeScout was founded by a veteran world traveler and avid survivalist who resolved to make things easier for like-minded people. From the start, Johne focused on writing and commissioning concise, hype-free, unbiased reviews and guides that would make it easier for readers to live up to this fundamental survivalist duty of picking out the perfect knife to rely upon.

With that mission and related efforts having turned KnifeScout into one of the most highly regarded resources of its kind in the global survivalist community, the new knife comparison and searching app will prove to be an important and influential development. The first and only tool of its kind to be found anywhere, the new app allows users to filter a range of top knives according to traits like tang, blade, and tip style; the materials used in blades and handles; and many more. With the launch of the app, the hard, boring work that used to be the norm when shopping for a new survival knife immediately becomes a thing of the past.

About KnifeScout:
Survival is a serious topic, and a survival knife can be a matter of life and death. KnifeScout does away with the hype, the blather, and the bias, delivering practical, to-the-point, objective reviews and guides and an exclusive, world-first survival knife search and comparison tool.

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