KLUS Design Releases Updated LED Lighting Product Catalog

To showcase the full LED lighting product lines, including newly released products, KLUS has released an updated full featured product catalog free of charge, and downloadable from the USA company website

Believe it or not, LEDs, or light emitting diodes, have been in use since the early 1960's, and were commonly used in electronic devices or circuit boards. These first LED lights were very low intensity, and limited to the color red.

As new LED technologies emerged, the applications for LED lighting expanded into many different lighting industries, and began replacing older lighting technologies. Today, modern LED's are available across the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths. Today's LED lights are brighter, clearer, durable, efficient, smaller, and faster! LED lighting now plays an important role in important industries such as automotive, aviation, advertising, traffic, TV, in fact, LED's are now taking over almost every area of general lighting.

With extremely long lifespans, brightness, efficiency, durability, and small dimensions, LED’s features distinguish them from other sources of light, and it made perfect sense that the next big area of expansion would be in the residential and commercial spaces. One of the main reasons that LED's had been slower integrating into residential and commercial applications was due to the higher price point, and the absence of LED fixtures or profiles for practical installation.

Today, LED prices have dropped dramatically, and since 2006, KLUS Company has developed and manufactured LED lighting systems that facilitate hundreds if not thousands of different residential and commercial lighting applications and solutions. These beautifully engineered solutions provide home lighting solutions designed for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, garages, cabinets, living areas, and many more. Commercial solutions include a wide variety of LED lighting profiles for retail advertisements, scenography, industrial, exhibits (shop or museum displays for example), and more.

Outdoor LED lighting applications include solutions for integrating LED's into pavement, sidewalk surfaces, communication routes, bike lanes, driveways, parking lots, landscape architecture (gardens, road line marking, swimming pools, building facades) etc.

To showcase the full product line, including newly released products, KLUS has released an updated full featured product catalog free of charge, and downloadable from the USA company website. Visit http://www.klusdesign.com, and choose CATALOG from the main menu to download. Included in the catalog are a list of distributors available in the United States, and other areas around the world.

About KLUS Design:
Klus LLC is a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion designs and component systems that allow flexible LED circuits into everyday living spaces. KLUS is a worldwide supplier, and has quickly become a leader in the LED extrusion technology industry, and has participated in many building projects throughout the world. KLUS Design is always developing new designs and component systems based on market research and customer feedback.

Currently KLUS has limited openings for product distributors and or representatives. For more information on becoming an authorized representative or distributor, please call: 772-321-2260

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